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Rainbow Six Siege Developers May Nerf Defender Exit Window Even Further

The two-second free pass window that defenders get when leaving their structure in Rainbow Six Seige may be nerfed again. To explain: defenders are tasked with protecting one or two rooms in Rainbow Six Seige, while attackers try to assault and get into these rooms. Defenders are blocked from leaving the structure during the preparation phase. Once the attacking phase begins, defenders are free to leave the structure they are defending and they're not identified to the attacking players until two seconds later. 

When the game first released, this window was five seconds and was eventually nerfed to two seconds, because five seconds of not being marked is a bit crazy, especially in a game where deaths occur in fractions of a second. Now that it's two seconds, the game can be still be tricked, thanks to latency, into making it last a bit longer, giving defenders a key strategic advantage. 

This is a divisive topic among the community, as though it's been designed as a risk/reward tactic that can make for exciting play, it's also being used for spawn killing. Defenders can take a gamble on choosing the attacker's spawn zone, exit a window or door closest to that area, and lob C4 explosives over objects to hopefully score a cheap kill that's hard to counter.

Ubisoft isn't a big fan of these tactics, and says that they are currently playtesting these and other changes to this system that might make it so that defenders are identified immediately upon leaving the defense structure. 

"We’d like to see some changes to the timer for defenders leaving the building, mainly because of defenders that run outside to spawn-kill at the start of the round," Alexandre Remy said on the potential change. "It’s tough, this one. Maybe we should go see the research lab and ask them about exactly that, if there are any sort of learnings we can get, because these are purely opinions on pros and cons. But when I say, ‘yeah, it’s super cool because certain defenders roam and change the state of the match by roaming outside, taking a high risk and it’s a high reward.’ At some point at some times, it happens to be, like, ‘Guys, come on!’ Especially at the point where it’s almost spawn killing.”

What do you think of a potential nerf to defenders in Rainbow Six Siege? Let us know in the comments. 


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