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Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP May be Objective Based and Include AI Soldiers

Based on a compiled leak of Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP, the game mode seems to include AI opponents. JRavens, the player that datamined much of the PVP content, has found images of several maps for Wildlands multiplayer as well as a post-game statistic screen detailing one the PVP modes.

Game Mode and AI Opponents

Of course, Wildlands will track your contributions to the match through various categories such as kills or team support. More interestingly, NPCs and Resources are an important enough factor to be shown in the stats. Here's one of the post-game screens found in the datamine:

As in Titanfall's multiplayer, you will likely be able to kill enemy AI in both team deathmatch game modes and objective game modes to contribute small point gains for your team. Usually the value of an AI-kill compared to a player-kill would be much less, but still valuable when dealing with AI in groups.

More importantly, it seems at least one of Ghost Recon Wildlands' PVP game modes will center around resource collection, just like in the singleplayer campaign. You may have to fight over specific objective spawns to gather resources and whichever team claims the required amount first, wins.


In classic multiplayer fashion, Ghost Recon Wildlands' PVP pits two teams against each other on separate sides of the map. At first glance, it's hard to tell how large the map actually is because there are no in-game screenshots to scale the terrain shown.

According to JRavens, the same map is used many different times, but with updated layouts and objectives. The image below shows a more tactical outline of the map. The blue highlighted areas denote different things such as player spawns, bridges, and more importantly, the objective locations for the speculated resource-oriented game mode.

Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP was announced on as the game was launched, but the feature has no release timeline set.


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