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For Honor: Shinobi and Centurion Movesets and Season Pass Outfits Revealed

During the For Honor livestream today, a few of the game's developers showed the movesets and Season Pass outfits for both the Shinobi and Centurion. From first looks, the Shinobi has a massive amount of chains and mix-ups available, while the Centurion focuses more on uninterruptible attacks.

Season Pass Outfits

Both of these new cosmetics will only be available to For Honor players that have purchased the Season Pass. If you buy the Season Pass later, you'll be retroactively gifted these outfits for the Shinobi and Centurion as well as the original release cosmetics.


The Season Pass outfit for the Shinobi goes the opposite direction compared to the base model. From the class' trailers, the Shinobi wears simpler armor that is predominantly blue.


The Season Pass outfit for the Centurion makes him look more like a Roman Legionnaire or an officer of the army. 



Looking at the Shinobi's moveset, the class will feature more mix-ups and creative combos than other For Honor classes.

For his melee ranged attacks, the Shinobi has one of the longest combos in For Honor and it even applies the bleed effect. Interestingly, the new class can activate "Super Sprint" which will allows him to move faster than other characters, but should drain stamina.

Looking at the "hero specific" section, the Shinobi can charge an attack with his Kusarigama to throw out the weapon as a ranged attack. This ability can lead to plenty of moveset options such as a grab, kick, or the Sickle Rain combo.

Of all the classes in For Honor, the new class definitely has the most loops, and the most complicated ones at that.

Furthermore, the Shinobi has the ability to dodge twice, once more than other characters. It can lead into a simple kick, a light attack, or a heavy attack.


For Honor's Centurion seems to be all about breaking through his opponents' defenses.

Off of any chain, the Centurion is able to use his Imperial Might to finish the combo with an unblockable attack. What's more, the new class seems to have a similar leaping attack as the Peacekeeper's, though the Centurion's is a heavy attack.

As you can see, plenty of the Centurion's attacks are unblockable and you can even land guaranteed lights after a charged heavy. Interestingly, you can activate the jumping Eagle's Fury attack any time you stagger your opponent.


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