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Unreleased Gen 2 Smeargle & Delibird Release Dates Revealed

A much needed Pokemon GO update was given from the game’s developers, explaining why certain monsters weren’t included. These Pokemon are Smeargle and Delibird, two unique creatures that are fairly different from the other Pocket Monsters. While no release date was given for the two unique Pokemon, the developers did discuss difficulty in making them.

Fans of the regular Pokemon series know that these two aren’t the strongest creatures and are usually caught for collecting. Both Pokemon are also not too handy in a fight, though are still more useful than a Magikarp Splash. Since Ditto was released late in the game, there’s a chance that these two could also be added later on.

The Missing Gen 2 Pokemon

The Pokemon GO update stated that Smeargle and Delibird aren’t in the game yet due to their unique attacks. Unlike most Pokemon, they don’t have basic moves like Tackle or Quick Attack. However, they are so unique compared to others. This is because Smeargle has a painting move that copies the opponent’s attacks. Meanwhile, Delibird throws a present that can heal or attack the opponent.

Obviously, there are more missing Gen 2 Pokemon, along with the legendaries from Gen 1, so the developers have plenty of monsters to add. This isn’t even including the 600 plus monsters added in recent years, so Niantic can take their time when adding more Pokemon. They better do it soon though, since the game isn’t as popular as it was last year.

Hanke made the comments during a recent lecture attended by Reddit user MichaelTheCactus:
Smeargle, for instance, has a move called Sketch, which lets it permanently learn the last move used by its opponent. 
Delibird, on the other hand, has a move called Present which either heals or damages the enemy. 
Delibird is also associated with Christmas, so it's almost certainly being saved for this year's Christmas event. 
Elsewhere, Hanke said that Legendary Pokemon are being treated with care, and will have limitations at Gyms.
So basically, Delibird is reserved as a Christmas event Pokemon, since it belongs to Santa. That’s not a joke either, as the Pokedex of various games have proven that Delibird helps good old St. Nick in the North Pole. It’s quite humorous knowing that Santa exists in the Pokemon universe, which is why a Christmas event would work.

As for Smeargle, it’s harder to picture an event for this Pokemon, since Easter has already passed and there aren’t that many pain-themed holidays. Of course, Niantic could always release it one of these days as a random gesture, much like the baby Pokemon and Ditto. Until the developers start revealing more details, all we can do is wait for the latest Pokemon GO update and hope for a nice surprise.


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