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Tips on How to Easily Kill All the Gorgons in Vault of Glass Raid

It is officially the second week of Destiny‘s Age of Triumph live event, meaning that it is the Vault of Glass raid’s chance to debut at the new 390 Light level with new Challenge Modes. In addition to Challenge Modes, the refreshed Vault of Glass also has a few tasks to complete in the Age of Triumph record book.

The Blind Labyrinth node in the Age of Triumph record book requires teams to kill every Gorgon within the Gorgon Maze after the Templar encounter. The Gorgons are beefy enemies with high health pools and their singular Gaze attacks can wipe an entire raid team quickly. Here are some tips to getting it done:

1. Use Exotic swords

The best heavy weapon to accomplish this appears to be exotic swords, namely the Raze-Lighter or Dark-Drinker. Both of these swords have a special attack (R2 or RB) that will unleash a lot of damage at once.

Players may also want to equip the Memory of Radegast artifact if they have one. Not because they’ll need the ability to reflect attacks, but because the artifact grants extra sword ammo.

2. Isolate one Gorgon at a time

Once a Gorgon sees a Guardian it will begin its attack, which if not taken out quickly will wipe the entire team. Players familiar with Vault of Glass will understand this mechanic.

For those unfamiliar, being seen by a Gorgon is really bad, so the last thing players will want to do is have to deal with more than one. Hide and wait until their is a Gorgon on its own and then move in for the attack.

3. Approach quickly or unseen

The Gorgon will see players during their attack, but the closer to the Gorgon players are spotted the better, as it will give them more time to attack. One of the best methods is to have a Nightstalker throw down a Smoke grenade with the Vanish in Smoke perk equipped. That will cloak the entire team and let them approach the Gorgon and begin their attack.

4. Use Damage boosting abilities

Equip and use Supers and abilities that will increase the damage that each Gorgon will take. These include the Defender’s Ward of Dawn with Weapons of Light, the Nightstalker’s Shadowshot with Bloodbound, the Sunsinger’s grenades with Viking Funeral and Touch of Flame, or the Sunbreaker’s melee with Melting Point. Add one of these to the flurry of sword attacks to take down a Gorgon faster. Damage based Supers can also work well here.

5. Start on the right side, then work around slowly

Head to the right side of the area to start as two Gorgons will separate themselves in the tunnels there. Then work into the main area slowly, as stated above, and work on the Gorgons one by one.

6. Bring Heavy Ammo

Getting this done can take a little while, and players will likely need to take time to replenish their Supers and Heavy Ammo. Heavy Ammo Synth will allow players to refill their sword ammo, albeit they’ll have to wait for the required five minute cooldown between uses.

Check out the video by houndish below for a comprehensive guide on how to deal with Gorgons in Vault of Glass with ease: