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Rainbow Six Siege Season Two Hong Kong Operator Names, Weapons, Gadgets and More Datamined

Many of Rainbow Six Siege's Hong Kong content was datamined, including the Season Two operator names, one of the new weapons, new gadgets, and coming skins. The Hong Kong update for Siege is due in May, but Ubisoft may push a content test on the TTS beforehand.

The datamined Hong Kong content included no screenshots, only file names and descriptions.


Rainbow Six Siege's Hong Kong operators are named Caltrop and Dazzler.

From further digging, Caltrop will be able to deploy normal explosive mines, but also poisonous mines.

As for Dazzler, his name may refer directly to the non-lethal weapon of the same name which uses directed radiation to cause temporary blindness.



One of the new Siege operators may also use the QBZ-95, a China-produced bull-pup style automatic rifle. The weapon itself can hold a 30 round magazine, or an 80 round drum. Here's what the gun looks like:

Update: JS9

The JS9 is a China-made suppressed submachine gun that holds 30 rounds. It's not yet known which new operator will be utilizing the gun.


A new gadget, the concussion mine, was also found in the Rainbow Six Siege files. This may be a variant deployable mine for Caltrop, or may be a new gadget available for more characters.


As with any Rainbow Six Siege update, more cosmetic items will find their way into the Season Two Hong Kong update. Here are some of the cosmetic item file names found in the files:
  • Valkyrie Pro League Charm
  • Mute Reptile Bundle
  • Tachanka Ballistic Salvation Headgear
  • Tachanka Swarm Headgear
  • Capitao Elite Skin
We may get more information about Rainbow Six Siege's Hong Kong update in the coming weeks and the Season Two content may be pushed onto the Technical Test Servers prior to release.