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Rainbow Six Siege New Datamine Reveals Taser, Flash Mine, and Tactical Albatross

Following the previous Rainbow Six Siege datamine, a few new gadgets have been revealed, such as the taser, patcher launcher, flash mine, and tactical albatross. Siege's previous datamine detailed the names of the coming Hong Kong Season Two operators as well as a couple of the new weapons and elite skins we might find in the update.

Here's what was found in the new Rainbow Six Siege datamine:


Aside from the file names, there are no other details about who some of these specific gadgets are meant for, how they work, or in some cases, what they even are.


A taser gadget would be fairly straight-forward, though I'm not sure how useful it might be. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a taser, the Zeus x27, but is highly situational and more often a gimmicky weapon.

Patcher Launcher

I'm at a loss at what the patcher launcher might be, so take your best guess.

Concussion Mine

Both the concussion mine and toxic mine were seen in the previous datamine. Other operators may be able to use the concussion mine, but not the toxic mine. It was tied to Caltrop, one of the new operators, in the file name.

Toxic Mine

Flash Mine

The flash mine was not seen in the earlier datamine and may act similarly to the concussion mine. Though instead of throttling the victims movement, they'll likely end up blind when they step on it.

Dazzler Grenade

Siege's Dazzler Grenade will be tied to one of the new operators, Dazzler. Or at least, that's the operators file name.

Dazzlers are used to disorient your target with radiation, but usually they are used like a laser pointer.

Tactical Albatross

A file name for a tactical albatross was found in the Rainbow Six Siege files. This may refer to the unmanned aircraft vehicle developed by the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST).

Here's how the NCSIST describes the UAS:

In military applications, the UAS are used for day and night surveillance and reconnaissance, target acquisition and designation and battlefield damage assessment, etc. All the real time imagery and data can be transmitted to ground control station for the relay transmission system to assist to transmit information to the C4ISR, which play preemptive and combined operations effects.

What function it'll play in Rainbow Six Siege is not yet known.

  • TavernierBleu headgear for Doc.
  • Wilhelm headgear for Blitz.
  • Nicotine headgear for Smoke.
  • KTnomad outfit for Smoke.

New "meme charms" were also seen in the datamined files, though no pictures are available.

Because these new Rainbow Six Siege features and additions were gathered from a datamine, there is no official timeline or release date.