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Rainbow Six Siege: Hong Kong Season Two Map Leaked

Ubisoft seems to have leaked the name of the map for Rainbow Six Siege's Season Two Hong Kong update. Players have found the new map, Theme Park, within the matchmaking preferences menu on the Technical Test Servers.

Unfortunately the map was unplayable and there are no screenshots of what the Siege Season Two map might look like. However, because Rainbow Six Siege's next season will be set in Hong Kong, some players have theorized that Theme Park could be based on the famous Ocean Park.

Here's what Ocean Park looks like:

World Park, which may be the in-game name to represent Ocean Park, was a recurring setting in Rainbow Six video games and within one of the novels. However, World Park in the Rainbow Six universe was located in Spain, so Ubisoft may break away just a bit from the lore.

The location of Ocean Park is interesting as well. The theme park is just minutes away from the Hong Kong Police College which could be further evidence the park's use for Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege's Season Two update is only a month away and we may get further details in the coming weeks about the new map and new Hong Kong Operators.