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Nintendo Switch Fight Stick is Official!

Two months ago, amid the pre-release furor for the Nintendo Switch, there were persistent rumors and even captured screenshots (see image below) detailing the imminent arrival of a dedicated fight stick for the new console. Though console fighting games did kick off with Street Fighter II on the SNES, the company's increasingly family-friendly focus had it drift farther and farther away from the FGC -- you can't actually find listings for anything but Xbox and PlayStation sticks on HORI's or Mad Catz's sites at the moment (Mad Catz' bankruptcy notwithstanding).

But, it seems, Nintendo's listing of FGC-relevant publishers attached to the Switch wasn't for show. The HORI Nintendo Switch Fight Stick: it's real.

From the looks of it, it is exactly identical to the Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa lineup, just modified for Nintendo Switch compatibility. The signature angular look and red faceplate is otherwise exactly like the rest of HORI's offerings. 

But there are lingering questions still: how does it connect to the Switch? Does it utilize the Joy-Cons' wireless connections in any way? And given that the Nintendo Switch -- the actual console itself -- is many times smaller than the standard RAP Pro. V stick, is it actually possible to store the Switch with the stick?

The Nintendo Switch currently has Ultra Street Fighter II as the sole game with which to use the upcoming HORI fight stick with -- a throwback to arcade fighter goodness, with a first person shooter mode attached. There are yet no confirmations as to what titles Arc System Works or other publishers will bring to the console.