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League of Legends Hints at New Champion

Given that League of Legends champion Camille was the latest character released, it's been over five months since the last time a new character was added to the roster. For a game like League of Legends, that's a hell of a long time.

We might finally have a glimpse of what's coming up next.

A giant yellow shield and bird wings might suggest Kayle, but as Skin Spotlight's noted: she's not up on the list for reworks, either visually or gameplay-wise.

The silhouette suggests an archer of some sort, given what appears to be an angular object on its left shoulder and descending to its right hip -- the vague form of a quiver of some sort, so probably a new AD carry. There are some rumors that it might be the Phoenix half of a Phoenix/Harpy dual champion release, hinted at by anonymous sources. But all we really know for now is that it's a bird-themed thing with a shield.