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Impressive World of Warcraft Inky Black Potion Screenshots

Well, it seems the new craze in the screenshotting world is the Inky Black Potion, darkening nights everywhere. And WoW's nights definitely need darkening, as it's sometimes almost hard to tell that it's the middle of the night. But no fear, the intrepid imgur posters over at r/wow have it covered with a lot of really great images, so let's get started.

First off, a slow intro, with a spooky forest you actually can believe you could get lost in:

Source. Author: gustavchats.

Keeping with the spooky theme, it's time for some cosmic horror, as Vashj'ir goes from massive annoyance to possible gate to terror:

Source. Author: gustavchats.

And then it's on to the really beautiful aspects of the potion, showing off some truly great lighting (and lightning):

Source. Author: gustavchats.

Throne of Thunder was always impressive looking, but it's on a whole new level now:

Source. Author: Inksrocket.

Skyhold get a lot more impressive as well:

Source. Author:  Xanderith.

We can't really a have a "pretty screenshot"-off without Suramar, now can we:

Source. Author:  Vaelkyri.

Not exactly what you'd call beautiful, but Kezan does have a certain charm to it at night:

Source. Author: Vahdis.

This next one is a bit of a cheat, as it also uses SweetFX to make it double amazing:

And to finish, it's time to go back home:

Source. Author: meow1610.

There's certainly many more great screenshots out there, and you could take some yourself - just head on over to the Darkmoon Faire, poke Rona Greenteeth and buy yourself a bunch (but definitely buy a lot, because AH prices are crazy even now while the faire is till in town).