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For Honor Ranked Icons, Tournaments, and New DLC Class Skills Leaked

On top of the previously datamined For Honor files, showing new art for the Ninja and Centurion classes along with many new ornaments, one Reddit user released another set of images revealing the ranked mode icons, tiers, and tournament loot qualities. In addition, the new set of datamined For Honor files shows off DLC character skills, though does not define them.

Ranked Icons

Previously, the For Honor developer team said they wanted to fix the majority of server stability and infrastructure issues before they implemented any sort of ranked game modes. With their weekly updates, they seem to be getting closer to their goal.

Ranked gameplay may be a possibility as close as Season Two of the Faction War, though there are no official dates.

As you can see from the images, the ranked tiers are as follows:
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

Of course, because these are datamined images, we have no information about how the skill ratings will work or approximately how many games it will take for you to advance in tiers.

Tournaments and Loot Quality

Also in the files was an image that confirms tournaments will be added to For Honor. The image details the loot qualities for your placing in the tournament. Speculating the meaning of the picture: the emblems might show your placing and the numbers to the right may be the amount of scavenger crates you'll receive based on your result.

Ninja and Centurion Skills

The previous datamine showed similar art, but this new album includes some of the new skills the DLC characters might have. They are completely new skills, so we don't know exactly what they'll be.

The full datamined set of images can be found here and shows some of the new emblem borders that may be added in a future patch.

Again, there's no official timeline of when the ranked game mode, tournaments, as well as the Ninja and Centurion classes, should come to For Honor. The developers stated during one of the weekly live streams that a big patch is slated for after Season One of the Faction War.