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For Honor Launches New Community Order for Missing Faction War Rewards

Ubisoft is going back-to-back with Community Orders in For Honor. They've launched the Call to Dominion Community Order just after the Call to Brawl order last week, and the new order is a direct response to the global server outage on March 28 and the missing Faction War Scavenger Crates. Once the Community Order is complete, all For Honor players should receive three Scavenger Crates.

"Following the global Ubisoft outage on March 28th, a large majority of player didn’t get their rewards at the end of the Faction War’s round," a developer stated. "This issue impacted as well our capacity to identify those who have been impacted. We apologize for the inconvenience that this error have caused."
  • Start: Saturday, April 1, at 8:00AM EST.
  • End: Thursday, April 4, at 11:00PM EST.
  • Type: Call To Dominion.
  • Reward: Three Scavenger Crates.

The reward equates to 1500 Steel, close to the reward of last week's Community Order. However, you will specifically receive only gear and not straight currency.

Unfortunately if you did not receive the Faction War crates, you might not even get them. The For Honor developers have not mentioned if they plan to hand them out to the players that didn't receive their crates.

To receive the three crates, you must complete a Dominion match in For Honor during the Community Order time frame.