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First Look at World of Warcraft's Nether Disruptor

Nether Disruptor will be up soon in both regions. Learn more about various perks it unlocks.

The Mage Tower's destroyed now and the second building that will be up is the Nether Disruptor. The perk you'll get access to is Epic Hunter.

New World Bosses

Don't forget to bring your Seals of Broken Fate. There are four new world bosses that will spawn across the Broken Shore, yielding 890+ loot, when Nether Disruptor's active.

Crafted Legendary Items

Players will finally be able to craft Legendary items. The Nether Disruptor grants access to Profession-specific quests that allow crafting of Legendaries. Nethershard Essence can be purchased for 8,000 Nethershards. Crafted Legendary items do not count toward bad luck protection and can be resold in the Auction House. You will need 65 Bloods of Sargeras to craft a single Legendary. Below is a list of materials needed to craft Legendary items.

Legendary items have different affixed. In this video, we've looked at Vigilance Perch that transforms you into a spirit owl for a few seconds at 5 stacks. Upon expiration, you take fall damage.