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Could We Be Getting A Star Fox Game For The Switch?

Star Fox is one of those classic Nintendo games that you just never really forget. We never did get a direct sequel for it, but that hasn’t stopped Fox and friends from showing up on the 3DS and Wii U or ending up in just about every edition of Super Smash Bros. ever released.

One of the developers on the original game and it’s unreleased sequel, Dylan Cuthbert, recently took part in a reddit AMA in which Star Fox was brought up a lot. When asked if he was currently interested in developing a game for Nintendo’s new console, Cuthbert responded, “I would love to and I have a few quite original ideas to try out for that style of gaming, but we aren’t developing anything yet.”

Cuthbert then went on to say that he was interested in doing another Star Fox if Nintendo decided to revive the property, but that nothing is under way yet.

He then went on to discuss the Arwing walker mechanic from Star Fox 2,“I think it’s just that we all grew up with Transformers/Gundam and transforming robots and it seemed a natural fit,” says Cuthbert. “We also wanted to experiment with foot-based gameplay and a lot of our initial experiments were platform-gamer based (of course back then 3d platform games didn’t exist so these early experiments were to prove for Miyamoto that something like Mario 64 could be made). This was all back in 1993 immediately after launching Star Fox.”

Sure, the last attempt at rebooting the propery, Star Fox Zero,  was a massive failure, but the Switch is the most successful console launch ever, giving it a much larger market to succeed on than the Wii U.

Would be pretty cool to see what the original team would do with the property if given a chance.

You can find the whole AMA here.