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Community Maps Are Coming to Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 may have Community Maps underway in the near future. DICE previously introduced a Community Map, Operation Outbreak, back in Battlefield 4, of which was created with heavy collaboration with the community. The DICE developers plan to accomplish the same in the latest title in the Battlefield series.

"We'll have some more information regarding maps testing fairly soon," one developer stated on Reddit. "The way the community map turned out in BF4 was great, and we really liked it, and it is often brought up in meetings as something we should be doing more of."

During the Community Map Project in Battlefield 4, DICE had the community vote on certain map aspects concerning architecture and the setting.

First, players voted for either an urban or a rural setting as well as the high-level terrain themes, between a jungle, desert, or mountain.

After the votes were tallied, the BF4 Community Map launched in the Community Test Environment for scale testing. DICE looked to gauge how the map felt concerning the spacing of objectives, the size overall, and the general "liveliness" of the map.

Once the map completed all the tests and polish, Operation Outbreak was released in the Battlefield 4 Community Operations expansion.

Battlefield 1's Community Map may follow the same procedure as its predecessor. However, the Community Map may not be released all that soon. All of the DLC coming to Battlefield 1 in 2017 have already been scheduled, which means there's no release room this year for a Battlefield 1 Community Operations expansion.

That being said, DICE may begin conceptualization of the BF1 Community Map in the next few months and could have a rough, playable version in the CTE sometime later this year.