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World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Solo Mythic Archimonde

We've already seen a Hunter solo Archimonde Mythic, but now it's time for an extra word in there and a more lore-appropriate adversary to take down the former CEO of the Burning Legion (no, Sargeras would just be the founder/owner of the company, calm down). Mionelol has taken on the big green/gray guy in a fitting demon hunter vs. demon fight and came out victorious!

Also: that's A LOT of infernals!

Void stars doing their best goomba impressions!

Ah, Mythic Archimonde. This fight was on the radar for quite some time, wasn't it?

This was a pretty interesting boss to attempt, with the first few tries happening right after beating Mannoroth, bringing me to p3 already, leading to my swift demise from the very first Source of Chaos 40 seconds into p3, over and over.

Thankfully, changes to the class, new legendary items, and additional gear allowed me to pass that first Source of Chaos eventually, only to begin a long chain of events involving Infernos, Void Stars (oh god Void Stars) and additional sources. (it goes Source, orbs, Source, orbs, orbs, Source, orbs, Source, orbs, enrage.)

Void Stars are hell when not managed cleanly. Infernos add a degree of messiness by being obnoxious visual obstructors in my face. Sources on the other hand required me to dedicate nearly all my offensive cooldowns to them, which in turns leads to pathetic boss dps.

Eventually, after dozens of attempts being pinballed everywhere by Void Stars and trying to recover haphazardly with Glide, I figured out a non-RNG way to deal with them, aka goomba stomp, which is pretty unintuitive (who wants to leap on top of them?) but works out nicely.

Finally, because those obstacles weren't enough, the enrage kicked in (the p3 enrage, not the actual 12min enrage - the 12 minute one is mostly irrelevant). It's a fun watch, and to be honest I chuckled a little when I discovered it. Turns otu that on top of buffing his melee attacks (like a regular enrage) he also spams Inferno every half-second or so. This inferno spam actually works in my favor by allowing a lot of Cinidaria healing, otherwise the increased melee damage from Archimonde wouldn't really be outhealable for long. Eventually the sheer spam of infernos ends up destroying my frame rate though, so it's not really sustainable endlessly.

Anyway this was a really cool fight, although diminished by the lack of anything meaningful in p1 and p2 (even the dps isnt relevant, considering you'd need to be quite slow for the 12min enrage to kick in before the p3 enrage itself). It was an interesting bite for sure. The video does a bad job of capturing the difficulty of the fight, it looks really easy when I re-watch it but it was hell during attempts :p

Usually I'd say that this concludes the expac soloing nicely but there wasn't much of a journey this time around, especially considering I completely ignored Mythic BRF so far. Next will be... idk really, maybe back to mythic+, maybe more mythic bosses, maybe something else.

Source: r/wow.