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World of Warcraft: All Legendary Item Changes in Patch 7.2

We've been covering changes to Legendary items in Patch 7.2 since the early builds of the patch. Over time, we learned a lot of interesting changes, including, but not limited to functionality, bad luck protection, Legendary targeting and crafted Legendary items.

This is a summary of all changes so far.

Bad Luck Protection

Will no longer be class-based, but spec-based
  • The system evaluates how many Legendary items you acquired per spec
  • If you have, let's say, 2 Legendary items for Enhancement and 0 for Restoration, the game will handle bad luck as if you didn't have any Legendary items yet when you switch to Restoration.
  • On the other hand, if you have a shared Legendary item (beneficial to several specs) and one for Enhancement, the game will handle it as though you had 1 when you switch to Restoration.

Crafted Legendary Items
  • Introduced to keep Professions relevant
  • Based on the latest Q/A, they should be solid "mid choices" (they're not supposed to be best Legendaries you can get)
  • The hunt for patterns begins with the quest Fashion History and a Philosophy of Style available to Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring.
  • ]Nethershard Essence is a material needed to craft a single Legendary item and can be purchased for  8,000 Nethershards.
  • Crafted Legendary items are BoE and can be sold / traded.

The following Legendary items can be crafted

Let's look at Vigilance Perch. It increases your movement speed and at 5 stacks when out of combat, you turn into a spirit owl for one minute. When the effect ends, you take fall damage.

Legendary Items Targeting

Slot targeting is now available via Relinquished items that cost 5,000 Nethershards each. The items can be purchased from Thaumaturge Vashreen. You get Nethershards by participating in various 7.2 content such as demon assaults, scenarios, Legionfall world quests and by killing mobs/rare elites on the Broken Shore. Relinquished items may contain a Legendary item.

Legendary Item Changes
  • Level requirement has been lowered to Level 101 (down from 110)

Several Legendary items have undergone changes as opposed to how they work now live. Below is a list of Legendaries with changed functionality (affixes)


Norgannon's Foresight -  Standing still for 8 6 sec grants you Foresight, allowing you to cast while moving for 5 4 sec. This duration begins when you start moving.
Death Knight

Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr - Howling BlastHowling Blast deals 40% 20% increased damage to enemies recently damaged by your Remorseless WinterRemorseless Winter.


Cord of Infinity - After dropping below 40% mana, your mana regeneration is increased by 10% for 15 sec.

New affix: Each time Arcane Missiles hits an enemy, the damage of your next Mark of Aluneth is increased by 1.0%. This effect stacks.

Shard of the Exodar -  Your Time Warp does not cause Temporal Displacement on yourself and is not will be applied to yourself at 25 sec duration when you are affected by Temporal Displacement or similar effects on yourself.


Drinking Horn Cover -  The duration of SerenitySerenity is extended by 0.4 0.3 sec every time you cast a Chi spender.

Justice Gaze -  Hammer of Justice deals (600% of weapon damage) Holy damage, generates 1 Holy Power, and has 75% reduced cooldown when used against an enemy above 75% health.


Sacrolash's Dark Strike - CorruptionCorruption deals 15% increased damage and slows enemy movement speed by 60%