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For Honor New AFK Detection and Gear Balances Announced

Ubisoft Montreal is ramping up their fight against AFK experience farmers in For Honor by adding better detection protocols. In addition, the developers are also looking into gear balance changes. The new AFK detection and gear balance changes have not received a release date, but the developers shared that they are coming soon.

The developers have also added an anticheat update today which betters the detection for key scripts to lessen the amount of Autoblock cheats.

AFK Detection

The AFK detection should now read player movements and actions to determine if they are actually playing or if they're idling. For Honor already kicks players for inactivity when they've been standing still for an extended time, but the new system should now also kick any players only running around in circles.

Because this kind of behavior negatively affects the player experience of others, it has become a top priority for us. As such, we will be sanctioning all the players who have been found to be using AFK Farming repeatedly.

Depending on the situation, and the existence of additional sanctions already on a player’s account, we can apply different degrees of sanctions.

As for sanctions, first offenders will receive a warning by Ubisoft, but any further violations could result in account suspension. This either means a temporary ban or a permanent one, depending on how severe the transgressions were. Warnings and sanctions should have already been sent out.

In addition to the AFK detection, the developers are also introducing a leaver penalty to For Honor. The detection system will come before the leaver penalties are implemented.

Gear Balance

Gear and gear balance has caused a few problems within For Honor since release. It forces awkward matchmaking and provides too many bonuses to higher gear score players.

Some sets of gear create a big imbalance in the game, such as the Warden Revenge build or Max Attack builds on light attack-spammy classes. Due to the imbalance, some players have chosen to AFK farm.

In the For Honor livestream yesterday, the developers acknowledged some of the gear stats were more powerful than they were intended to be. They also stated work has begun on rebalancing the gear stats, but will require internal testing before rolling out the changes to live servers.

What's more, your character's gear scores will be factored into matchmaking in the near future. Ubisoft's yet to provide an exact timeline on the coming gear balances, the leaver penalty, and the AFK detection improvements, however, they did state the changes are coming soon.