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Evolution Items Appearing Randomly for 7th Day Streak Spins in New Pokemon GO Update

 Evolution items are the most favorite reward in "Pokemon GO." Evolution items are free for players and can be easily earned on the 7th Day streak. Every Pokemon player is waiting for this reward, as it enables them to collect countless important items for the game. 

But "Pokemon GO" players are missing the 7th Day Streak evolution item in their game. Later it was found that the game has a bug which prevents the reward to appear in the game. The developers looked into the matter and decided to upgrade the game.

Niantic rolled out the new version of "Pokemon GO" last week.  The new version of the game includes version 0.59.1 for Android and version 1.29.1 for iOS. The developers are hoping that this updated version might solve the problem that "Pokemon GO" players are facing these days.

Although the developers promised to fix the bug which restricts the evolution item from the game, "Pokemon GO" players are still disappointed due to the missing guaranteed reward. Some of the fans even took social media to share their experience with the updated version.

One of the Reddit users TheMetro_Gnome started a subreddit just after Niantic rolled out its latest "Pokemon GO" update. The Reddit user shared that on his end, the evolution items are still appearing at random. This could mean that the 7-day streak reward system is still not working effectively like what the developers promised.

Besides, many other "Pokemon GO" trainers even shared the same experience while playing their favorite game through the updated version. Another Reddit user Rlyeh expressed that he got his only one evolution item so far from a random PokeStop, not weekly/daily/ 10th in a row/whatever stop.

Another user stated that he can also confirm this. He got a sunstone at the morning from a random Pokestop. It was not his first spin of the day and not his 7th day either. Nonetheless, the evolution items are still appearing in the game, but not guaranteed like before.