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Evolution Item Time of Day Drop Mechanic Debunked

There were conflicting results of the evolution item drops in “Pokemon GO” depends on whom the trainer picks as a buddy Pokemon. One player got a Dragon Scale after walking one kilometer with Seadra. But other gamers got multiple evolution item drops despite their Buddy Pokemon being one that does not need special items to evolve.

A “Pokemon GO” trainer collected data on time and date on evolution item drops to know if the time of day has an influence. However, the trainer debunked the theory. The trainer confirmed, based on data collected, that evolution item drops are well distributed and random.

The “Pokemon GO” trainer collected more than 1,300 entries to test his theory that time and date affected the evolution item drops. But the trainer admitted the data was not collected using scientific methods in terms of having control groups. While several trainers reported evolution item drops taking place at the same time, the number of contradicting reports indicate those are only coincidences, not proof of a correlation.

You can view the collected data (1300-ish entries) here, but do note that the data was not collected in a controlled fashion. Again, even when we manually tried to clean up the data, it still showed the same random results as previously.

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There was a number of other interesting questions that were asked (will same Pok├ęStop drop always on the same time, is the Trainer ID included in any calculation, etc…), but this research does not answer them.

We are inclined to believe that none of those questions will ever have affirmative answers, as seemingly, the evolution items drops are completely random.

Sure, one can say that our research methods were messy, not scientific enough or even argue that we’re completely wrong.

There is a number of trainers who did report drops happening at the same time, but the quantity of contradicting reports made it quite obvious that these are just coincidences, and not proof of anything concrete.

Moreover, a redditor gave an excellent summary (Could time be related to X?) of how and why it is unlikely that Niantic bases drops (or anything) on time of day:

1) If goal is to have uniform distribution and equal chance, then simple random function will be superior in results and less bug prone.

2) If goal is to have uneven, but fair distribution that for example allows players with low spawns/pokestop density, then they have demonstrated to do it otherwise (with daily/weekly bonuses for example).

3) If players figure it out, then it will be used and abused feature. That is very risky because it would reward people in-the-know a lot, while being COMPLETELY invisible to others (Unlike nests for example which are un-named, but highly visible mechanic). So why do it this way to begin with?

4) It would suck for people who are off-schedulle for these timers or mechanisms.

5) Timezones exist. Does each timezone get its own timer? Or do people in off-timezone suffer? Again, source of developper headache and player frustration.

6) There are arguments which support it with alternating source – for example, random seed being same, so results being same. That one argument has some merit, but will not help in anyway to predict results. It would also be notably difficult to pull off because any lag would wreck ability to send requests to server to achieve random generator initialization in exact same MILLISECOND.

7) There are deterministic features that look random in main series games (like shinyness). TRANSFERRING them to pogo makes some sense, but that does not mean that
In other words, the null hypothesis did not stand – there is no correlation between time of day and evolution item drops.