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New Mass Effect Pre-Order Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer Gameplay

One of the most highly anticipated games of 2017, Mass Effect Andromeda, is now only about a month and a half away from hitting store shelves. Even with development time ticking away, there’s still a great deal of information that isn’t known to fans including the multiplayer side to the experience. Though it may not be the information fans are craving at the moment, a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda reveals some new, never before seen gameplay from the upcoming title.

In a new and very short trailer, BioWare highlights the many bonuses and content players receive for pre-ordering Mass Effect Andromeda. Gear includes the Deep Space Explorer armor for either Ryder twin, the gold plated Nomad vehicle skin, and a multiplayer booster pack which contains five 50% XP boosters. None of this information is very surprising considering it was announced and posted months ago on EA Origin, though this is the first time fans are seeing them rendered in-game.

What’s most exciting about the trailer however is that fans are finally seeing, albeit very briefly, multiplayer footage for the first time. The footage shows two players, one a human female and the other a hulking Krogan battling enemies on some sort of walkway outside. The human appears to be using some sort of biotic ability, while the Krogan utilizes a biotic charge ability to get in close and land a devastating melee hit. All in all, the brief glimpse does resemble the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer component, which shouldn’t be too surprising to gamers considering BioWare has previously stated it’ll function similarly.

While new gameplay is always nice, fans continue to wait for actual details from BioWare who promised new information would be coming soon. Fans are already well aware that the multiplayer component connects to the single player campaign and the larger narrative, but there’s still a large number of unanswered questions to how the mode plays. A microtransaction system is in place, and will like function similarly to previous BioWare titles like Mass Effect 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition where the player could spend in game currency or real money to unlock bonuses, characters, and other content.

Ultimately, fans probably won’t have to wait too much longer as BioWare continues to prepare a multiplayer beta test. Lead designer, Ian Frazier has confirmed through his Twitter account that beta details are forthcoming, and with the game about a month and a half away, time is quickly running out to make that happen.