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How to Unlock Flying in Patch 7.2 World of Warcraft: Legion

With flying coming to the Broken Isles in 7.2 Blizzard are making very sure everyone is clear on how to get it - starting with the achievement you can currently get as preparation: Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part OneBroken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. They've already covered Good SuramaritanGood Suramaritan, so now it's time to go over Broken Isles ExplorerBroken Isles Explorer. They cover the harder to find/reach places, but there's also a list of all needed locations for each zone at the end. The weird thing is they give you coordinates for the places you'll need to find, but the game itself doesn't have any coordinates without addons. Hm.

From the eerie beauty of Suramar, to the verdant lands of Val’sharah, and the rocky heights of Stormheim—the Broken Isles are a rich landscape filled with mystery. And demons. (We’re dealing with that.) As you journey through the land and repel the Burning Legion, you may have missed a couple of noteworthy spots.

From precarious pathways to isolated islands, we’ll tell you how to get to some of the hardest-to-find places in Legion and unlock the Broken Isles Explorer achievement—bringing you one step closer to earning Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. Good luck, explorer!

If you use an addon or macros, check below for the coordinates—along with the names—of places you need to discover.

Highmountain: Ironhorn Enclave

Why is it tricky? The route takes you up mountain pathways that lead to the summit. The path isn’t always clear and, in some places, gets very steep. Make sure you have a sturdy mount and a warm coat. (Spoiler: snow.)

Start at Thunder Totem, take the path north, and keep going up the hill. At the top of the hill take a sharp right, avoiding the mobs ahead of you, and keep to the right of the river. On your left you’ll see a wooden bridge you'll use to cross the river. Once across, keep to the right and follow the path up the hill.  The path takes you under strings of flags and twists left and right through the snow. It’s very steep and narrow in certain spots. Up, up, up you go until you reach a building and a distinctly unsafe-looking wooden bridge across a gaping chasm. Bravely—and carefully—cross the bridge. Once across, head slightly down the hill to your left. You’ll eventually reach a sharp right that takes you down a rocky path leading straight into a small dwelling. Make a left across the water and take the path upwards on the other side and there, as you arrive—out of breath and cold—is your flight path. Click that green exclamation point enjoy that nice, easy flight back down. Congratulations! You have discovered Ironhorn Enclave. *shiver*

Highmountain: Trueshot Lodge

Why is it tricky? It’s the Class Order Hall for Hunters, so if you’re not a Hunter you will be teleported out just a few seconds after discovering the area. Hunters like their privacy, apparently.

The easiest way to find it is from the Nesingwary flight path. Turn left up the hill and keep going up and left past the Pinerock Stalkers and Soothoof Hillstriders. You’ll see a cave entrance ahead of you, head to the right of that and keep climbing. You’ll spot a river on your left. Cross the river and join the path that heads up the hill and into Trueshot Lodge. Non-Hunters will be teleported back to the Nesingwary flight path, but congratulations! You have discovered where Hunters go to be alone... together.

Stormheim: Watchman’s Rock

Why is it tricky? It’s an island, so you’re going to have to swim. It’s also surrounded by high mountains. No biggie.

Start at the Stormtorn Foothills flight path and head east to the top of the cliffs, heading through Storm’s Reach and bearing left once you’re through. As you head to the very eastern point of the cliffs you will see a steep, narrow path that leads down to the shore. You should see a school of young sharks (non-aggressive and not hungry, thankfully). Either swim or call up your water mount to head out to the right side of the island and you’ll discover Watchman’s Rock. Congratulations! You have discovered a small island. Did you bring a flag?

Stormheim: Shield’s Rest

Why is it tricky? Not everyone likes to swim (see above).

Swim out from Watchman’s Rock to the east coast of Shield’s Rest. The flight path is right on the shore. If you want to explore the island while you’re there, you can use your grappling hook to get around the elite mobs. Shield's Rest is not for the fiaint of heart or the untested—a World Boss is known to hang out here, too. Congratulations! You’ve discovered how to fly to somewhere really, really dangerous!

Val’sharah: Mistvale

Why is it tricky? It’s tucked away up narrow paths in the northwestern section of Val’sharah.

Starting from Starsong Refuge, take the path to the right heading north-west. Just before the arch take a right up the hill. You’ll pass through Ashamane’s Gate. Keep going straight and you’ll be in Mistvale. Congratulations! You’ve discovered a place that really isn’t all that hard to find. But only when you know how.

You missed a spot!

Did we catch all the hardest places to find? If not, let us know in the comments below and we will update the post to help as many people as we can. For more information on how to get around, see Varenne's excellent guide on Wowhead.

Explore Azsuna

39.6 ; 50.2
The Greenway
60.6 ; 34.9
Llothien Highlands
41.4 ; 39.0
55.7 ; 41.4
Ruined Sanctum
65.6 ; 49.0
Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar
52.7 ; 16.8
Felblaze Ingress
65.8 ; 27.9
Isle of the Watchers
46.8 ; 73.1
Lost Orchard
48.0 ; 13.6
Oceanus Cave
53.8 ; 58.9
Temple of Lights
57.1 ; 64.8

Explore Highmountain

Bloodhunt Highlands
43.0 ; 33.5
Highmountain Summit
56.9 ; 90.0
Nightwatcher's Perch
27.3 ; 54.6
38.9 ; 67.8
Shipwreck Cove
43.7 ; 8.7
Stonehoof Watch
58.7 ; 64.7
Thunder Totem
46.2 ; 61.4
Blind Marshlands
29.3 ; 33.4
Ironhorn Enclave
55.6 ; 83.9
Pinerock Basin
43.1 ; 51.7
Rockaway Shallows
56.4 ; 21.8
52.6 ; 44.8
Sylvan Falls
35.6 ; 63.6
Trueshot Lodge
35.2 ; 45.7

Explore Stormheim

Aggramar's Vault
47.2 ; 44.8
Dreadwake's Landing
55.6 ; 73.6
72.0 ; 60.0
73.4 ; 39.7
Maw of Nashal
38.8 ; 20.4
44.9 ; 37.0
The Runewood
71.5 ; 50.1
65.7 ; 62.6
51.4 ; 57.0
60.4 ; 51.1
Blackbeak Overlook
33.9 ; 34.7
75.2 ; 54.8
Gates of Valor
65.5 ; 62.2
44.3 ; 64.5
80.1 ; 59.2
Watchman's Rock
69.9 ; 22.0
Shield's Rest
77.8 ; 6.7
Storm's Reach
59.1 ; 31.2
Tideskorn Harbor
58.0 ; 44.4
Weeping Bluffs
34.5 ; 51.3

Explore Suramar

30.4 ; 42.3
19.5 ; 45.2
The Grand Promenade
47.3 ; 50.4
Moon Guard Stronghold
38.1 ; 22.9
Ruins of Elune'eth
37.0 ; 45.9
42.2 ; 35.5
Crimson Thicket
64.0 ; 42.0
Felsoul Hold
34.3 ; 74.8
71.5 ; 51.1
Moonwhisper Gulch
34.9 ; 31.0

Explore Val'sharah

67.6 ; 56.4
42.4 ; 58.6
Gloaming Reef
25.5 ; 66.5
54.6 ; 73.0
Moonclaw Vale
61.2 ; 73.1
Smolderhide Thicket
47.3 ; 85.1
47.9 ; 69.6
Blackrook Hold
38.8 ; 51.8
The Dreamgrove
44.2 ; 30.4
Grove of Cenarius
51.9 ; 64.0
71.6 ; 39.1
61.1 ; 31.1
Temple of Elune
54.1 ; 55.4