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How to Play Mew & Mewnium Z in 'Pokémon Sun And Moon'

With the release of Pokémon Bank for Pokémon Sun and Moon we now have the opportunity to trade Pokémon from some of the older games, like Pokémon X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

Those who have the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow have the opportunity to catch the legendary Mew, but will find that they can't transfer it via Pokémon Bank due to its glitch-based origins.

Luckily, there is now a way to transfer Mew to Pokemon Sun and Moon on your Nintendo 3DS, but unless you're a regular code junkie, you're gonna need a guide...

Step 1: Set Up Your Items For '8F' Glitch

You should have these items in this order:

Any item x1
Any item x1
X Special x255
Any item x1
For those confused by having more than 99 of an item, fear not. This is brought about by using the MissingNo glitch to duplicate items over the set limit. You can use this video to show you how it's done:

To get 255 X Specials, have a single one in the sixth slot of your inventory, encounter MissingNo, use two X Specials in battle, then catch MissingNo. Easy.

Step 2: Execution Of '8F' Glitch

Here's handy video demonstrating these steps:

If you don't have a removable item as suggested by the video (Dome Fossil/Drink For Guard/Gold Teeth) then follow these steps:

  • Throw away the first two items. They should have been replaced with 'X Special'.
  • Toss stacks of X Specials until you only have two item slots in your inventory.
  • Toss X Special x253
  • Swap Item 1 with Item 2 and back again.
  • You will have X Special x0 and 'Item Underflow' will become active.
  • Go to easternmost part of Celadon City

  • Throw 255 X Special from the 0x stack.
  • Swap the single remaining X Special for Nugget x1 (35th item)
  • Before you walk to the right and find that you've looped back to the left side of Celadon, here are the steps you'll need to walk to get 8F: 5 steps right, 5 down, 20 right.
  • Then check your inventory for the 8F item and switch it for your first item.
  • Go to the PC and deposit 8F (along with any other item you want to keep).
  • Fly instead of walking (this will get you stuck) to a PokéMart and buy items till your inventory returns to normal.
Note: Do not use 8F without setups! Your game will crash!

Step 3: Using '8F' On Mew

Set up your party like this:

1. Pidgey with exactly 233 current HP (Max HP is irrelevant)
2. Parasect
3. Onix
4. Tentacool
5. Kangaskhan
6. Any/Empty

Have Mew in the first slot in Box 1 of your PC.

You'll need have these item lists and use 8F at the end of each setup. They look daunting, but there are a lot of recurring items.

You should end up with a Mew that looks something like this in your box:

Don't worry if your HP bar looks corrupted like this, you can go to a Pokémon Centre, heal it then put it back into Box 1.

Step 4: Transfer Mew To 'Pokémon Sun & Moon' And Get Mewnium Z

All you have to do now is transfer Mew via the normal method (Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter).

In terms of Mewnium Z, all you have to do is use Pokémon Bank before October 2, 2017, which is thankfully a lot simpler than getting and legitimizing Mew.

That's it! You made it this far, so make sure to enjoy using your hard-earned Mew in Pokémon Sun & Moon!