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Final Fantasy XV’s 60 FPS Patch Coming February 21

Square Enix will release Final Fantasy XV‘s long-promised patch enabling 1080p and 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4 Pro beginning February 21, Square Enix announced today during the latest Active Time Report. Originally planned for a December launch, the patch will now arrive alongside the game’s Booster DLC packs.

Here’s the full rundown on what you can expect in update 1.05:

  • PS4 Pro support at 1080p/60 FPS
  • Time-limited quests
  • Level cap raised to 120
  • Picture limit raised from 150 to 200
  • You can now use the music player while riding a chocobo
While the Pro patch won’t offer a solid 60FPS, Tabata says it’ll be close. The time-limited quests will also only be available for a short period, including special mob hunts. In the future they plan on adding limited-time fishing events.

Moving on, Tabata recapped some of the DLC announcements made the other day during the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary celebrations. Again,the Booster Pack DLC is due out on February 21 and includes a boost sword, a new fishing rod and some reel.

A free version available to everyone will come out at a later date and include Magitek Exosuits for Noctis and his friends to run around in for a bit of invincibility. These items have been delayed for possible revisions due to their similarity to a certain popular series.

Beginning March 28, those with the Season Pass can download and play Episode Gladiolus, a new story episode that lets you play as Gladio while focusing on his fighting abilities. Additionally, a new update improving the controversial Chapter 13 will arrive at this time – including a little more content for the story and a section allowing you to play as Gladiolus for a short time. Then in June, the more character development-focused Prompto episode will come out.

For those still interested in Platinum Demo, Square Enix will cease distribution starting March 31 so you’d best grab it before then.

Additionally, Tabata says the team wants to put out a survey in the near future. They’ll use this survey to gather feedback from fans and players the world over, so they can continue to improve the game into a satisfactory experience. That said, there’s currently no plans for another ATR – it’ll depend on the demand from the players. Distribution of new information will be provided through other means for the time being.

At the end of the Report, Tabata revealed that an all-terrain model of the Regalia was currently in development. While this feature is not totally confirmed, they did show it running on PC development hardware even though there’s still a large number of bugs to work out.