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Aside from Gen 2, Here's All the Things that Will be Added on the Next Pokemon GO Update

New Johto Badge!


It’s here. The Kanto badge no longer includes Baby Pokémon so the new Gen 2 badge is introduced. We are still working on the sprite sheet.

Trading removed

We’re unsure why, but the old Beta trading code is no longer in the APK.

Confirmation of new Berry effects

New Berries are interestingly distributed and include following effects:


Two New sponsors

Continuing the trend of introducing new Sponsors in every APK release, this APK also has two new sponsor code names:


Most likely, these are European sponsors that are getting unveiled on February 18th. We have no information on which sponsors are this, as that info is server side only.

New avatar customization is implemented completely


Nothing too exciting, the new avatar customization options are now also present in the code base. Interestingly, some pieces of clothing seem to be either promotional or have level requirements:


Gender percent support


It seems that every specie that can have genders has an associated percent. Intro to breeding, as it seems. Noteworthy is genderless support also.

Apple Watch platform added

We know that Apple Watch support has been in the APKs for a while, but this is the first APK that shows the Watch as a new deployment platform.


TheSilphRoad’s results

More shiny code, the shiny infrastructure seems complete now:


Additional info on critical catch mechanic


More encounter animation variety:


New music added:


Pokéball physics change:


New textures, icons and effects

We’ve also collected a small assortment of new textures and icons introduced in 0.57.2 APK for your enjoyment. Interestingly, no Kanto medal has been leaked yet.

Credits to fevgames for these icons:

Credits to @NWPlayer123 for these textures: