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World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 World Quests, Demon Assaults, Reputation Paragon Details

World Quests have had their rewards updated, demons are invading various parts of the Broken Shore and reputations with Legion factions beyond Exalted yield additional rewards.

World Quests

Had their rewards bumped up to item level 860+.

Demon Assaults

On PTRs, zones are periodically under attack and they switch every 3 hours, but it may be only to speed up testing. Once you zone in, you'll auto-accept the following quests if the zone you enter is under attack, for example Assault on Val'sharah. You have to complete 6 invasions in that area. Assaults are basically the same as World Quests. When a zone is invaded, no World Quests are available.

An invasion is indicated by a big logo on the world map.

Invasion quests also have different icons than regular World Quests.

Demons are all over the place. You will be closing portals, killing various enemies including commanders.

Flight Master Mount Change

The flying mount used for transport across the Broken Shore has changed.

Reputation Paragon

If you've reached Exalted with Legion factions, every 20,000 additional reputation you'll get will award additional caches. We don't know if the caches have an increased chance to give you a Legendary or notable item upgrades, but let's hope the rewards are better, because you don't collect 20,000 reputation in the blink of an eye and getting an item level 835 that ends as a Chaos CrystalChaos Crystal is all but rewarding. It's also worth noting that saving all reputation items for 7.2 isn't a bad idea as they will come in handy. Obtaining 10 caches rewards the Paragon of the Broken Isles achievement.
  • Dreamweaver CacheDreamweaver Cache
  • Farondis ChestFarondis Chest
  • Highmountain SuppliesHighmountain Supplies
  • Nightfallen CacheNightfallen Cache
  • Valarjar StrongboxValarjar Strongbox
  • Warden's Supply KitWarden's Supply Kit

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