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World of Warcraft: Legion 7.2 PTR Patch Details Revealed

The initial build of Patch 7.2 has been deployed to test realms. Here's a first overview.

New Spell Animations
  • Death Knights, Balance Druids and Hunters have received spell updates.
New Affixes
  • A new affix called Bursting was added.
  • When slain, non-boss enemies explode, causing all players to suffer 20% of their max health in damage over 4 sec. This effect stacks.
Crafted Gear
  • Obliterum item level cap was raised to 875 and all crafted items have had their item level increased to 835.
Legon Invasions
  • During invasions, world quests are replaced by invasion quests. The entire zone will be under attack.
  • Quests completed beyond Exalted yield additional emissary rewards (via Paragon)

There are multiple invasion quests available per invasion zone.

Tomb of Sargeras Raid

Nine bosses are at the moment present in the journal. There is no loot information available right now.

Kil'jaeden's Model is currently not available, but we were able to see it during the BlizzCon slideshow.

Cathedral of Eternal Night Dungeon

Is a four-boss dungeon that requires attunement, currently available on Heroic / Mythic difficulty.


Has been split into two, lower / upper Karazhan and can be now accessed via Dungeon Finder.

Dungeon Item Level Update
  • The item level of normal dungeons has been increased to 825+.
  • The item level of heroic dungeons has been increased to 845+
  • The item level of Mythic dungeons has been increased to 865+.
New Mounts

The initial build also contains some of the new class mounts and they seem to have different color variations based on spec. New PvP mounts were added as well.

The worm will drop in the Tomb of Sargeras.

Death Knight

Demon Hunter