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The Division Unlimited Medicine Glitch in Survival Mode

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 update is to have a focus on improving their PvP/Dark Zone gameplay environment, and with recent rumors via a datamining leak revealed by a Reddit user, there has been some buzz going on regarding leaderboards, control points in certain areas, and microtransactions in the future.

There’s also a matter of a newly revealed Survival glitch for unlimited medicine which is pretty interesting which hopefully the 1.6 update can relieve.

You may fancy coming across this juicy piece of information discovered by YouTuber “alboboby gaming”. Now from the steps given to enable this glitch it is unknown if this is exclusive only to the Xbox One. It was also discovered via a Reddit user last month, too.

Apparently, the steps have to be done quickly, and there’s not much to it except that you inject the medicine after selecting it from the menu, go back to said menu, and quickly share the medicine. You then just pick it up off the ground, and it’s in your inventory.

In case you’re in doubt, he’s at a one count with the syringe and then it zeros out into the cool down phase. That’s where you select it again and share it even though it’s at zero. This sure currently makes Survival mode much easier.