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Super Helpful Tips Before You Start Hardcore Breach League in Path of Exile

Good day Exiles!

If you want to try out Hardcore Breach in Path of Exile but you don't know what to do first or, you already started playing but always keep dying, then let me give you some really helpful tips to begin your Hardcore Breach journey.

#1 Farm Currencies first.

This is the very first and most important tip I can give you. If you just started playing Path of Exile and don't know what are currencies, then you can check out this link later. 

The most important currency you should be farming are Chaos Orb, Orb of Alchemy, Orb of Alteration, Orb of Fusing, Jeweller's Orb, Gemcutter's Prism, Silver Coin, Orb of Scouring, Orb of Chance, Orb of Transmutation, Portal Scroll and Scroll of Wisdom.

Why farm these currencies?

Chaos Orb- Stack them up. Don't waste it upgrading on rare items. The main purpose of farming Chaos Orb is so that you can buy super expensive unique gears.

Orb of Alchemy- Same as Chaos Orb. You can trade decent unique gears with this currency.

Orb of Fusing- Now Orb of Fusing has two purpose: One is to buy decent unique gears and the other is to reforge the link between the sockets of an item. Save them up as they will really be valuable when you get a 6-link gear.

Jeweller's Orb- This will give your item extra socket but I prefer saving them up so I can buy an Orb of Fusing from NPC's like Nessa in town.

Gemcutter's Prism- Use this to improve the best gems your are using or will use in your build.

Orb of Alteration and Orb of Transmutation- Stack them to get Chaos Orbs. How? You'll learn how shortly.

Portal Scroll- Farm them and Trade them for Orb of Transmutation in NPC.

Scroll of Wisdom- Farm them to identify rare items. Once a rare item is identified you get Alteration Shards which you can stack up to 20 to get an Orb of Alteration. Bonus: Now I don't know what is the right combination yet but you cal also get an Alchemy Shard or even Chromatic Orbs when you sell identified rares in the NPC (P.S. Will update this section soon).

#2 PoE.Trade is your friend

Now the first tip was all about farming currencies and, you might be wondering of why the heck did I told you to do that. The answer is really simple: To get unique items as early as Act 1 Normal mode in Hardcore Breach. 

There are two website for trading: One is currency.poe.trade, and the other is poe.trade. The first site is for trading currencies and the other link is for buying unique gears and other sort of stuff you need in your adventure.

Now I don't want to elaborate the trading part as I want to post it on a different page. In fact, I want to make an in-depth farming guide to help you out farm those chaos orbs in no time. But for now, I will just leave you with the image below.

That's a week worth of farming currencies and as you can see, it rewarded me with that much Chaos Orb which I can now use to buy unique gears to give me a real head start in my journey. Wondering how I did that? Go check back later and I'll reveal my secret. For now, let's just proceed to the next tip.

#3 Life, Energy Shield, Resistances must be your top priority.

Now that you know how to get unique gears, it's time to tell you on how you should build your character for Hardcore Breach. To tell you honestly, I don't have enough experience yet as I only started playing last December 12th. Well, I got really interested with the Hardcore Breach so that is why I played Path of Exile. I just love the challenge.

So anyway, my first character was a Witch and I want it to be a summoner. And I want it to be a damage-type so I boost the damage and just leave my resistance, armor, life and energy shield to my gears. And boy that was a big mistake. I got owned by a crowd of spiders using Flicker Strike in Act 3. So, I decided to go with a Templar next and then boosted the damage again. And you know the rest of the story....

My biggest mistake was not taking any survival nodes (life, energy shield, resistance and armor) in the passive skill tree. Pure damage type is not viable as a starting build in Hardcore Breach. Sooner or later, someone will kill you. So start playing it safe. Remember that the goal in Hardcore Breach is to stay forever in this league and you can't do that if you can't even defend yourself properly. 

Bonus tip: You can always start with the tanky class if you want. If you really want a class that can stay and farm stuff for you in Hardcore Breach, then start with a Marauder.

4. Movement is crucial, while damage is also important.

The more movement speed, the more agile you become which is really an asset in Hardcore Breach. Make sure that your character has 25% or more movement speed so that you'll not end up being a walking target to those fast moving enemies. And yeah, faster moving speed means you get to react and stay out of harms way. Specially in boss fights. It's really hard not to die in bosses if you are slow.

And yes about damage. The third character I created was a Marauder. I begin to getting life nodes and all that defensive stuff and when I was in Act 3 Cruel difficulty, I have 4500 armour, got all my resistance up to 75% (with max at 100+ percent), my life was 3800 and my energy shield was 1090. Yes it was really good but my damage was only at 1500 at that moment. My defense were pretty buffed up but I still died because I opened a breach that has tanky mobs on it. What happened was I they keep growing in numbers because I can't kill them fast enough. So be warned, read tip #5.

#5 When to open and not to open Breaches.

If you're using single target skills, then don't open breaches. AOE is the key to clearing all those mobs. Act 3 Cruel difficulty was the hardest breach for me. Now, I'm not saying that when you reach Act 3 Cruel mode, you stop opening breaches, I'm just saying that you should be cautious in opening breaches. Better yet, do not open one if you got crappy gears and crappy stats. Leave them and just proceed on farming and advancing to Merciless. Once again, your goal in Hardcore Breach is to stay in it forever and best way to do that is using your head: DO NOT START A FIGHT YOU CAN'T FINISH. If you really want to open breaches, then try opening lower level ones.

The general rule of thumb is: Open breaches that are level 10+ lower than your character. If you want to survive Hardcore Breach, then this is the only safe way to do. Anyway, with tip #1 and #2, your life will be a lot easier by now and you don't need to open any breaches you see just to have good equips.

Now just to show you how hard it is to clear mobs in breaches, go check out the video below. I was level 47 at that time and I opened a level 41 breach in cruel difficulty Act 1. Well, the other mobs are squishy but those Ice giants are just really tanky.

So those are the 5 major tips that I can give you on how to survive your first adventure in Hardcore Breach League in Path of Exile. Next time, I will show you my technique on how I farmed that many Chaos Orbs in this league. So, stay tuned!

Happy gaming Exiles!