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Star Wars: Episode VIII Star Confirms Women Taking Center Stage

The Star Wars franchise has been more feminist in its approach in its last two films, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Though many initially expected John Boyega’s Finn to lead the film, it was Daisy Riddley’s Rey who turned out to be the central character for The Force Awakens. Meanwhile, Rogue One’s team was lead by Felicity Jone’s rebellious Jyn Erso. Now, as the franchise moves on with Star Wars: Episode VIII in December, actress Laura Dern reveals that the franchise will continue upholding feminism by putting women in the center of the stage.

In an interview with Bustle, the Hollywood actress reveals how empowering Star Wars: Episode VIII is for women.

"It seems that it's a mission [to empower women]," the 49-year-old actor says at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, while promoting her latest, The Founder. "And that's very exciting."    

"From the beginning the position of power and intellect of a woman in that world was extremely heightened, as opposed to what was happening on planet earth, so I think [Episode VIII] will be continuing and magnifying [that]."

The actress was also asked about whether Rey and General Organa (Carrie Fisher) would be sharing a scene together on the film, however Dern decided to keep mum about it, talking about the legacy of the legendary actress instead.

"I'm not allowed to say, but I knew her before," she says. "She was extraordinary. One of the greatest minds of our time. She had the greatest wit — one of the truest dames — and she and her mother both left incredible legacies to art, independence, fieryness, irreverence. Oh my god, her books alone are the most hysterical gifts for women and everyone."

While Dern didn’t give away too many details about Star Wars: Episode VIII, it’s good to know how LucasFilm and Disney are continuing their new tradition of feminism in the Star Wars franchise. Carrie would have loved it too.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to premiere on the big screen December 15 this year.