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Pokemon GO Might Have Added the Gender Differences Secretly

Trainers all across the globe reported the same phenomena: male and female gender Pokémon are starting to appear in the wild!

The latest update APK is brimming with information about Poké Genders, but we finally have solid evidence that his feature is introduced and used. Currently, the only two Pokémon that were observed using genders are Pikachu and Raichu! The female Pikachu has a heart shaped tail end, while the male has a thunder ending tail.

Here’s the first female Pikachu caught in the wild:

Interestingly, both male and female variants have same Max CP values and IV values are equally uniformly distributed. At this point, the gender of a Pokémon in Pokémon GO is only a cosmetic change. Also, the same model is now displayed when tracking a female Pokémon on the PokéStop screen!

How to check other gender differences?

Bulbapedia has a list of all Generation I gender differences, so check if your Pokémon are showing a specific gender using their model:

What does this mean for potential breeding?

Honestly, breeding and the role of genders is still unclear and very much speculative. There is no indication that breeding is coming at all to the game. The role of Genders in that speculative system is rather obvious – a male and a female have a baby.

Anything else is pure speculation.