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Patch 7.1.5 Hidden Changes That Were Not Mentioned in the Official Patch Notes

Patch 7.1.5 is finally and Blizzard detailed all the changes that occurred in World of Warcraft: Legion in their official patch notes which you can check out here later. But, did they really revealed all the necessary  details for Patch 7.1.5? Well, they missed a few and here are some of the undocumented changes in Patch 7.1.5.

There's an active reddit thread right on the official World of Warcraft subreddit that details all the undocumented changes in Patch 7.1.5. And here's a few of them:

Blingtron 6000 Gift Package can drop Legendaries
Legendaries are no longer colliding when swapping equipment sets
Prydaz no longer makes any noise

  • 'Word' enchants are now uncommon (green) quality instead of rare (blue)
  • Lockboxes now drop randomly in the broken isles. Requires 550 skill to open
  • You are no longer be able to put Artifact Power into an already maxed out (54 trait) weapon
  • There is now an Ahead of the Curve Achievement for Helya
  • Curious Coin droprate from Emissary chests increased
  • Secondary Stat Squish. Read more here http://www.wowhead.com/secondary-stat-changes-in-patch-7-1-5
  • Emissary chests do not generate loot until opened
  • Draemus in Dalaran sells Boon of the Zookeeper shoulder enchant
  • Class Hall Upgrade research times were cut in half
Trial of Valor
  • Guarm now knocks players up (higher) when he leaps
  • Twice as many Decaying Minion spawn in P3 of Helya
  • The durations of the Orb of Corrosions in P3 Helya are now shorter
Death Knight
  • Death grip procs Sephuz
Demon Hunter
  • Max reduce of Unleashed Demons (Havoc meta) is now 100 sec (down from 120s) - Goes 20/20/20/15/15/10
  • Sigil of Chains radius increased to 10y, from 8y
  • Travel form reduced to 80% speed increase, instead of 100% <BUG>
  • Druid Glyph of Flap works with Glyph of stars
  • Max reduce of Quick Shot is down to 52s (from 60s). Goes 10/10/10/8/7/7
  • Summon food alone summons Mana Buns now, the same as the table gives everyone, not Mana Pudding
  • Blade of Wrath proc for Ret Paladins now has a visual effect
  • Max reduce of Master Assassin (Vendetta) is down to 48s (from 60s). Goes 10/10/10/8/6/4
  • Mortal Coil procs Sephuz on cast (so works on bosses as well)
Secondary Stat Tweaks (Source)

Patch 7.1.5 brings tweaks to secondary stats as mentioned in the post-BlizzCon Q/A. The developers shared their insight how they are fixing the issue and highlighted several goals.
  • Players are currently passing up +15 item levels in favor of secondary stats. This issue is fixed by increasing the amount of rating you need per percentage of a secondary stat.
  • To improve rings and necks by only having secondary stats means that your choices of secondary stats in Legion are impactful, however, secondary stat distribution still dominates the choice of which items to equip. In 7.1.5, they increased how item level affects the amount of stats on Legion rings and necks. Significant item level jumps will be a clearer indicator of an upgrade. There are still situations where secondary stats are still a prevailing indicator to item level on Legion rings and necks.
  • The last goal is not to lower player power. While in the latest build, player power is down a few percent compared to live. To make up for this As a compensation, a future build will increase the amount of stats granted by all items above item level 800 to account for this gap, such that the overall power of equipped items is the same if not slightly higher than it is now in 7.1.
  • Additional tuning on a spec-by-spec basis will be done, because this will affect all classes differently.
  • Item level will become a more impactful indicator related to upgrades in Patch 7.1.5.
  • The amount of rating required per percentage of a secondary stat has been increased.
  • These changes will impact classes differently and more tuning will come on a spec-by-spec basis.