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Next Dark Souls 3 DLC Might be Called "Death Capital"

Developer Bandai Namco has yet to reveal the details about the second downloadable content (DLC) for the action RPG "Dark Souls 3," which is expected to arrive very soon. However, the new details about the upcoming DLC may have been discovered already by a certain Youtube user.

Second DLC To Introduce New Maps And Weapons

Recently, a YouTube user named "Sanadsk" has uploaded a video compiling their findings and speculations about the upcoming downloadable content (DLC). But the biggest story that stands out is the rumored name of the next expansion and a location.

Sanadsk" is said to have discovered some clues in his data-mining efforts. The report suggests that Sanadsk has managed to uncover hidden codes in his data mining activity.

The hidden codes referred to the phrase "Miyako No Mouja," which means "Dead Capital" or "The City of the Dead" when translated. The user speculated that the phrase might be the title of the upcoming second "Dark Souls 3" DLC.

With this discovery, Sanadsk comes out with some good speculations, hinting that the "The City of the Dead" could be a clue and might be pointing out to the place called Londor as the ideal main setting of the next "Dark Souls 3" expansion.

Londor, which also known as the land of Hollows, is a setting in Dark Souls 3 that still has not been fully explored yet. Dark Souls players may have familiar with the said setting as the name Londor has been mentioned many times in the Dark Souls game.

According to Dark Souls Wikis, Londor is Yoel's and Yuria's hometown, and also the origin of the sect of assassin hollows, the Pale Shades. With the attention on Londor, there's a big chance that Londor will be the next setting for the next expansion pack.

In addition, the weapons featured in Londor might also become playable for the "Dark Souls 3" users.

Upcoming DLC to Improve Ashes of Ariandel

The "Dark Souls 3" second DLC is said to enhance Ashes of Ariandel, according to MMO Examiner. The 'Ashes of Ariandel', which was the game's first DLC, adds a new location with new armors and weapons.

The second "Dark Souls 3" DLC pack is expected to come sometime within this year.