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New 'Fire Emblem' Titles Coming To 3DS, Mobile And Nintendo Switch

During today's Nintendo Direct, the Japanese gamemaker announced several upcoming games in the long-running tactical RPG series.

Fire Emblem on 3DS

The first Fire Emblem announced during today's announcement was Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Velentia. Surprisingly, the game is coming out on May 19th, but not for the Nintendo Switch. It's yet another 3DS Fire Emblem game. It's also a 'reimagining' of Fire Emblem Gaiden. It looks good---I'm just surprised we're getting a new core game on the 3DS this soon after 2016's Fates.

Nintendo is also releasing new amiibo figures alongside Echoes.

Fire Emblem on Switch

After the announcement of Echoes, Nintendo announced a new core Fire Emblem for the Nintendo Switch game scheduled for 2018. There was no gameplay footage or really any details beyond the fact that it's in the works and marks the first time a game in the franchise has come to a home system since 2007.

Despite the lack of information, it's pretty exciting that the Switch is getting more than just the Fire Emblem Warriors spinoff. That should be a fun diversion, but nothing like the tactical joy of the core series.

Fire Emblem on Mobile

Finally, Nintendo showed off another Fire Emblem game coming to mobile devices called Fire Emblem: Heroes. The game is a tactical RPG similar to 3DS Fire Emblem games. Each map is confined to the size of your smartphone screen, however, making each fight pretty bite-sized. That seems...too small, though I can understand why Nintendo would want to make the game simple and easy for phone users.

The game is coming to Android first on February 2nd, and is free-to-play.

You can watch the entire announcement below:

Four new Fire Emblem games coming to three different platforms is really great news for fans of the franchise. I'm most excited for the Switch game, even though it's the furthest away and has the fewest details. But it should be fun to have this on mobile as well. Stay tuned as more details surface.