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How to Obtain the Traveler’s Walk Dead Ghost in Destiny: Rise of Iron

With Destiny’s December event, The Dawning, now over, a new dead ghost appears in the recently opened Traveler’s Walk area of the Tower. Here’s where to find it.

Throughout its successful game making career, Bungie has been a development studio known for embracing Easter Eggs and secrets for the community to discover. The practice gained notoriety with the incredibly popular Halo series as each campaign level would hide a skull for players to find. Doing so unlocked a modifier that would alter the gameply in some way such as making ammo incredibly scarce, make enemies tougher, or causing confetti to shoot out of grunts after a successful headshot.

With Destiny, Bungie has taken this process a step further by introducing a host of secrets over the current lifespan of the game. Players have discovered all kinds of secrets from hidden exotic weapons like The Black Spindle, complex secret quests such as the one found in the Wrath of the Machine raid, and golden chests hidden all over the different planets. For many, the most well known secrets come in the form of hidden ghosts, which unlock additional lore regarding the universe.

With the most recent holiday event, The Dawning, now wrapped up, Bungie surprised many by reopening Traveler’s Walk, a space in the Tower that had been previously home to weekly events like the Iron Banner and Queen’s Wrath. While the space is currently empty, Bungie has added another hidden ghost for players to discover. Here’s how to find it:

Head To The Tower

Thankfully, Bungie doesn’t seem interested in keeping this dead little ghost a secret unlike the other ones scattered throughout the worlds.

The first thing to do is to head to The Tower, Earth’s main social hub. Upon entering, players should notice that the big area in the back of this main plaza, which was formerly blocked off by a dividing wall, is now open. This is known as Traveler’s Walk and players should head that way to find the ghost. While the area is empty and quite large, the ghost can be found on top of a railing at the very back of the open space. Angle towards the right a bit and the object will be glowing as it sits out in the open.

What Does It Unlock?

Loremasters and completionists will definitely be interested in finding this dead ghost. While it doesn’t unlock any in game rewards or achievements, this little ghost adds to the players overall Grimoire score, Destiny’s way of telling additional lore about the game. Specifically, this dead ghost is a fragment that unlocks a card known as The City 2. The lore featured is a conversation between some people living in The City looking to pay off Lord Shaxx in order to fix Crucible fights. Obviously, the plan does not go quite according to plan.

As with all unlocked grimoire, players still need to head to Bungie.net to sign in to read each and every unlocked card.