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Best Methods to Farm Chaos Orbs & Other Currencies in Path of Exile

In this page, I will put some of the best farming methods you can do in order to get the currency (like chaos orbs) that you want in Path of Exile fast. Take note that this guide will include all of the methods I know so far and if I find another way to farm currencies fast, then I will just update this page.

So let's begin exiles!

You're here because you want to get as much Chaos Orbs as possible right? Well Chaos Orbs are the most used and most expensive currency in the game. So first things first, I will try to focus on the best methods to farm Chaos Orbs fast and as early as possible. So here they are:

Method #1 (Breach Leagues Only): Breachstone Farming

Xoph's Breachstone, Tul's Breachstone, Esh's Breachstone, Uul-Netol's Breachstone and Chayula's Breachstone are really expensive at the moment and can give you lots of Chaos Orbs in no time. Just look at how expensive a Chayula below:

However, Splinter's of Chayula are really hard to get. So instead of Chayula, farm Xoph, Tul and Esh Breachstone first.

I know that it's really hard to farm breaches but I'm currently creating a Breach Farmer Build and I want to share it to you once it's finish. In the meantime, here's a preview on how the build works:

Method #2: Silver Coin Farming

Silver Coins are rare and a good source of obtaining Chaos Orbs in Path of Exile. If you currency.poe.trade, you'll see that 9 or 10 silver coin can give you 1 chaos orb. Well, I know that it's not that big like method #1 but it's one way of getting chaos orbs easy. And best part is, you can start doing this at early stages of the game and, it's applicable in every league.
Here's some proof that Silver Coins can give you Chaos Orbs:

Pro tip: Do not use Silver Coin to seal a prophecy. Only use it when you are in Merciless to get really rare prophecy and get great unique items.

Method #3: Orb of Alteration Farming

So far, this is the most reliable for me. As early as Act 1 Normal, you can do this method. 
Here's a proof that this method yields Chaos Orbs (75 Orb of Alteration : 5 Chaos Orbs): 

So how do you get lots of Orb of Alteration
The requirements are:
  • Lots of Scroll of Wisdom
  • Rare Gears
Optional: If you want to get more rare drops as often as possible, then make sure that your gears have a % increased rarity of item found in your equipment. The higher the percentage, the better.

The method is really simple. Farm rare gears and then sell it to an NPC. It will yield some alteration shards which can turn to Orb of Alteration when you stack 20 of them.

Magic gears can yield Alteration Shards also but, it's lesser than what Rare gears can give. In my opinion, it's not really cost-effective to farm magic gears that is why I stick with just farming rares and turning them to alt shards.

For now, that's all the farming methods I'm using which yields me 260+ Chaos Orbs in a week. I'm not saying that you'll get the same amount of Chaos Orbs per week as these farming methods depends on RNG and how much time and effort you give. Nonetheless, these methods are tested and proven ways to give you Chaos Orbs even at early stages of the game.

How about farming other Currencies?

You have two options: One is to get it from currency.poe.trade or just get it directly from an NPC selling it. The key here is trading wisely: Getting what you want for a lesser price.

So that's it guys. If I discover a more reliable farming method in Path of Exile, I will just update this page. So stay vigilant.

Happy farming exiles!