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0.55.0 Pokemon GO Update Datamined: New Badge, Shiny Pokemon, Celebi as Incense Spawn and More Found

The latest 0.55.0 update of Pokemon GO have been datamined again and it reveals some pretty interesting addition that are coming to the game. The datamined master file revealed that their are another group of new badges coming to the game, confirmed that shiny pokemon are coming to PoGo and, that Celebi will be an Incense Spawn pokemon. There's more to the datamined master file and you can read them all below.

Note: For reference, you can try to datamine the master file yourself by going to this link later.

Introduced entire Unown family + badge

The new APK finally clearly shows how Unown family is going to play out. The new Badge that was added is called Badge Unown and stands for collecting the entire Unown family line:
We’ve already reported on the discovery of Unown in our 0.53.1 APK Data mine, so take a look there for more details. There is no information on when the badge will become available.

Four new sponsors!

The new APK shows four new sponsors added in the APK, surprisingly growing fast recently:
If you’re confused about the names, Niantic has been hiding sponsor names using kitchen and food appliances in order to protect and abide contracts with Sponsors. Read more here if you want to learn more.

Shiny Pokemon are here

We’ve been finding traces of Shiny code for months already, but we finally have concrete details on how it works and what’s measured by the app. The bold parts of the code below are new.
Evidently, the Pokedex is going to track number of encountered Shiny variants of a Pokemon specie, in the same fashion as it tracks number of caught and encountered. The same goes for genders and “costumes”. The change here is that Shiny Pokemon is not considered a Costume anymore.

Possible new Catch Bonus: Critical Catch

A new bonus/badge was added, but only a few references point to it, so it may as well be a test or a rework of an existing feature:
New In App Purchase Category: Avatar

In the last APK data mine we found new trainer customization options, but we reported that we don’t know how they’re going to be obtained. Speculation and wishful thinking led us to believe that they are going to be tied to achievements, however that’s not the case: you’ll soon be able to buy Trainer Avatar customization in the Store.
We’re quite disappointed.

Added platform support for Windows and OSX

We are not sure what this means, but in the supported platforms section of the code base, two new entries have appeared: Windows and OSX. Does this hint at a possible Pokemon GO release on desktop? No, that makes no sense, but it could be a measure to fight bots and GPS spoofers further.
In addition, the decoded file on Github Gists also have line that reveals Celebi as an Incense spawn pokemon.

This was also discovered by reddit and they delivered: they discovered that Celebi is planned as an Incense spawn!
This comes as no surprise, as Celebi is considered a Legendary Pokemon and this code likely hints a future Incense event!

We are very happy to see the community contributing to the shared knowledge and data mining. A redditor commented the following:
Perhaps some of those special incenses found in the code are going to be used for catching legendaries. You get the legendary incense and can pop it when it suits you to catch it.
This is possible, but we have no confirmation to share. If anyone wants to help the data mine, please use the link above.