Season 7 of 'The Walking Dead' Will Totally Change Everything in the Series

Season 7 of 'The Walking Dead' Will Totally Change Everything in the Series
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, you know that The Walking Dead Season 6 left viewers with a big cliffhanger. It has kept everyone talking about who Negan killed ever since it aired, just as intended.

Season 7 is finally drawing near with less than a month to go. Negan will reportedly change everything when The Walking Dead returns. Beyond killing one, maybe two, of the people in Rick’s clan, he will change all the rules. Life will never be the same for our favorite characters, according to the recently released synopsis from AMC.
“Up until this point, the survivors have lived through conflicts… Disease, hunger, scores of the undead, tragedy, betrayal, and unthinkable loss. Through this, they’ve become formidable. Powerful. Unstoppable.” 
“To start Season 7, that power is taken away. They had found safety and stability. They had created a home. They thought the world was theirs. They thought they knew the world. They were wrong.” 
“The first half of Season 7 sees the group fractured, broken, bereaved, and picking up the pieces while living under the thumb of oppression. Negan will have successfully brought the survivors under his control, brutally convincing them to live under his rules with a deadly and horrific example of what happens if they don’t.” 
“Other characters are unaware of what’s happened, but have become separated from the group either by incident or choice — they will learn that they can’t escape this new turn of their world, either. This half season is about these characters starting over.” 
“The overall theme of the season is beginning again. The world isn’t what they thought it was. It’s bigger and it’s even more dangerous.”
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So you could say, The Walking Dead Season 7 is the end of the world as we know it. The death delivered by Negan and Lucille is sure to start the collapse of it all, and by the sounds of it, Negan is just going to keep hammering home (or batting home) the fact that he is in control now.

Lauren Cohan has some input on how Negan will do this, and it involves more than just Lucille. spoke with the actress who portrays Maggie, and she gave her take on what makes this new Walking Dead villain so powerful and evil.
“To me, Negan feels like this horrible undercurrent that’s been there the whole time that we haven’t realized, and now it’s rearing its head from every doorway you can imagine. It’s like how bulls have little flocks of birds that live on their backs. We’ve been there not knowing we were all sleeping on this giant scary bull. We are upended.”
She also pointed to his ability to read people well, which means he knows exactly how to get to them and manipulate them. This could make him the baddest villain we’ve seen yet on The Walking Dead, just as we’ve been promised.

There’s one other big new character this year, and at this point, we know even less about him than we do about Negan. That character is Ezekiel, who has a pet tiger named Shiva and rules over The Kingdom.

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This other addition to The Walking Dead is a former zookeeper (thus the pet tiger). He is constantly protected by soldiers who are present wherever he goes. His kingdom is in a former high school that’s guarded by armored men on horses. According to the folks over at The Walking Dead website, he’s allied with the people at The Hilltop Colony and Jesus. All three of them hate Negan. That should bode well for Rick and the others at some point in Season 7 as it will give them a powerful ally in the fighting to come. AMC did give us a peek at Ezekiel with a recent Walking Dead trailer. Check it out below.

'Game of Thrones' Fans Thinks that this Guy Would be a Huge Season 7 Character

'Game of Thrones' Fans Thinks that this Guy is a huge Season 7 Character
Game of Thrones filming has started up again, cast sightings in Belfast have peaked, and speculation about what's in store for Season 7 is quickly gathering momentum.

We already know that British legend Jim Broadbent will have a role in the next Season, but — as usual — showrunners are keeping tight-lipped about new characters and plot-lines at this early stage.

Still, that doesn't mean we can't speculate.

Introducing Devin Oliver, the singer for American band "I See Stars."

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Remind you of anyone?

A few days ago, Oliver shared the following, cryptic post on Instagram.

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It wasn't long before the speculation started.

The Instagram post eventually made its way to the r/gameofthrones subreddit, where the speculation reached fever-pitch.

So, is Devin Oliver going to be playing Rhaegar Targaryen — ie. Daenerys' deceased older brother — in Season 7?

Well, despite the fact that he's a singer rather than an actor, it's always possible. As many people pointed out on Reddit, we know from the books that Rhaegar enjoyed singing, and — given the Season 6 flashback that all but confirmed the R + L = J theory — it wouldn't be a surprise if we were to see more of Jon Snow's real dad in the coming Season.

Game of Thrones has a history of casting relatively unknown actors, too, so Oliver's lack of IMDb credits wouldn't necessarily be an obstacle.

Also, he really does look the part.

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Still, nothing is confirmed at this stage.

Oliver might be joking, or he might simply be in Season 7 in a much minor role.

Less than 18 hours after release, World of Warcraft: Legion’s most difficult raid has been cleared

Well, that didn’t take long. After releasing worldwide yesterday, the mythic Emerald Nightmare raid that currently makes up the final part of Legion’s endgame has been cleared. A single russian guild, Exorsus (or Экзорсус if you prefer Cyrillic), managed to down the mythic version of the final boss, Xavius, after only a couple of hours. The other top guilds in the world - 10 in all - were stuck on the previous boss, Cenarius, at the time but have since started to beat it and Xavius too. Both Cenarius and the previous roadblock Il’gynoth took Exorsus many more hours to beat than the grand finalé.

It’s a fairly speedy clear, with progression races such as this usually taking a little longer to complete - generally one later boss will hold off the majority of top guilds for at least a couple of weeks as they continue to build up gear. In Legion, gear is a little easier to come by due to the addition of the Mythic+ dungeon difficulty that rewards high-level loot on a more repeatable basis than previous, plus the addition of multiple Legendary items that push player power above the norm and the Titanforging mechanic that allows loot to randomly be of much higher power than normal.

That said, it’s not like Blizzard weren’t aware of those changes going in, and they could have tuned encounters accordingly. It doesn’t actually affect the other 99.999996% of the player base that’s unlikely to see Mythic Xavius for a good couple of months, but tracking the best players and how long it takes them to ‘beat’ a new expansion is something the community enjoys getting involved with. There’s also the natural fantasy of being first, quickly dispelled when things are cleared less than a day after release.

For those interested in seeing the later encounters, kill videos will probably start coming out over the rest of the week. I recommend the PrestigeGaming stream (which should kick off at about 1pm CEST / Midday BST / 7am EDT / 4am PDT today) as the furthest advanced live coverage there is, stopping yesterday after a huge number of attempts at the fifth boss, Il’gynoth. There are also now kill videos for the second boss on WoWProgress, including this rather nice Demon Hunter one:

Battlefield 1's Single Player Will Let You Make Your Own War Stories

Battlefield 1's new trailer for its single-player mode promises a story of brotherhood, betrayal, and big explosions, set against the backdrop of World War I. But that's not the only story developer DICE wants to tell with its upcoming shooter, senior producer Aleks Grondal tells me. "A lot of the secret sauce in this franchise lies with stories that people create," Grondal says, referring to the Battlefield games' multiplayer modes.

Unlike the scripted story you'd expect to get from single-player, Grondal says these "secret-sauce" stories "come from events that people didn't necessarily plan to happen," moments of improvised or impromptu glory that you'll immediately want to text your friends about. Key to these personal stories is Battlefield 1's Frostbite engine: the frame on which its battlefields are built, and the technology that allows them to come crumbling down as players trade sniper shots and tank shells back and forth.

DICE's last five Battlefield games have featured Frostbite-enabled building destruction, but players apparently wanted even more. "We knew that people were asking for more destruction," Grondal says, confirming that DICE listened to their pleas and tried to elaborate on them. "We want to keep it a little bit over the top, a little bit easier than it is in real life," he says, describing the explosive removal of a wall or the demolition of an in-game structure. "It's such a cool moment, and it does impact the play and the visuals of the map, so I think that we should be more generous with how flimsy [buildings] are than perhaps they would be in real life."

"Destruction helps create individual stories," Grondal says. "It facilitates the kind of action that players enjoy so much, that makes them upload videos, tell people 'Oh I blew a hole in the roof and there was a tank below me, but I blew it up with dynamite.'" But while he says that DICE wants to make sure that "objectively, there are more destructible things," the studio has to draw a line somewhere. "If you allow too much [destruction], it just becomes unplayable, no longer fun," he says. "We have to leave some bits behind for the game's sake."


A blasted-flat battlefield might not be much fun to play on, but it's what comes to mind when I think about the horrors of World War I, with trees and buildings scrubbed from existence by constant artillery barrages and soldiers stuck shivering in trenches. How does DICE take us to World War I and make it fun? By keeping a light touch on history, Grondal says. "It's about the game first — that's the important thing, we always need to make a Battlefield game first," he explains. "The accuracy comes after."

That's not to say a measure of historical accuracy isn't important, though. "We have taken some creative liberties because we think it adds more fun," Grondal says, "but all the things you see are inspired by their real counterparts: locations and events that actually took place." The game's water-cooled machine guns, its open battlegrounds in Africa and the Alps, its armored train — usable in its beta — all actually existed. There are even trenches. "We do need to represent trench warfare, and we do have it in the game," Grondal says. "But we put a little Battlefield twist on it so it doesn't play out exactly as it did."

Grondal says he hopes these references to reality will get players interested in the actual war itself. "To tell the whole story of World War I would probably be a little bit too complex," he says, and he's right — if historians still can't pin down all the causes of the First World War, how could a mass-market video game? But although Battlefield 1 won't be your own personal history tutor, Grondal says DICE will give relevant context, a process the new single-player trailer will be done with relatable characters on the ground in some of World War I's major war zones.

It's not clear yet who exactly you'll be playing in that single-player mode, but you'll have a choice of one of four classes in Battlefield 1's multiplayer: assault, medic, support, and scout. Grondal explains how DICE fine-tunes these archetypes. "We're trying to give each class a range that it's best at. The assault class is best at taking out vehicles but the drawback is that he has to be close, while the medic has a bit more range, allowing him to run up and heal his teammates without having to be exactly on the frontlines. The support class plays further back, and the scout even further."

Series stalwarts who got to sample each of these classes during Battlefield 1's beta will have noticed that the new game's classes felt more rigid and specialized than those found in recent Battlefield games. Grondal says this was a conscious shift for DICE's new shooter. "The classes in Battlefield 4 shared a lot of the same weapons and were efficient at all ranges," he explains. "I wouldn't say it was the wrong choice for Battlefield 4, but we looked at it for Battlefield 1 and said we either skip classes altogether, or make them stronger. We decided to make it more Battlefield, and make the classes count."

That means that Battlefield 1's soldiers have to choose their fights carefully. I lost track of the times during the game's beta that I found myself face-to-track with a tank, only to remember I was playing as a medic, and could only slap the behemoth with bandages. I'm not the only one who kept losing fights with tanks during the beta — message boards echoed with player grumbles — so I ask Grondal if DICE is going to reduce their effectiveness in the final game.

"There are balance tweaks we have to make. We knew that things were a bit wonky in the beta, but we really wanted to get some feedback on it. Also the fact that this map was open didn't help: we knew that tanks were powerful but this open map emphasized their power." Grondal says the armored vehicles would have had a different feel on a different map, but won't commit to defanging them completely. "Tanks should be powerful, they should be a thing you're afraid of," he says. "In previous Battlefields they became something everyone would just swarm in on and hammer down, perhaps a little too easily."

Grondal picks out the single-seater light tank as a target of DICE's recalibrations, but notes that multi-seater craft like the landship require effective teamwork to use, something the studio is trying to push in Battlefield 1. "We feel like there's more teamplay components," he says, with the heavy tank, armored train, and bomber all requiring multi-person crews to turn them into truly deadly killing machines.

That's fair: huge moving metal boxes bristling with guns and packed with soldiers should be powerful, should be something you run away from. It's that panic, that fight-or-flight, that split-second decision that might have you pulling victory from the jaws of defeat, and coming away with another one of those Battlefield stories.

Battlefield 1 is out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 21st.

The Division Update 1.4 Will Give Players More Loot All The Time

The Division has never been an outright mess, but its identity and future have blurred since launch due to a shallow, imbalanced end game and continual cheating problems in the PvP Dark Zone. Thankfully, Ubisoft took note and delayed its next two expansions in order to focus on “improving the core gameplay experience.”

And so the Public Test Server was born. Now available to existing owners of The Division on PC, the PTS is test-driving update 1.4 in three stages. Week one is focused on testing the World Tier progression and doesn’t allow players to roll in their own characters yet, starting players off with a piping hot level 30 agent. To get an idea of what’s in store for the future of The Division, I gave the PTS a whirl. It’s a faster, more rewarding experience overall, but The Division is still stuck with a sterile open world and loot that wouldn’t make the main rack in a rural Goodwill.

A whole new world (tier) 

The World Tier system is a new way to divvy up difficulty, renew overworld challenges, and reward players in a consistent, structured way. At level 30 you can pick a new World Tier based on your current item level, which scales the difficulty of enemies in all activities accordingly. Except this time around, the time it takes to kill enemies has been decreased significantly.

In a smart move, Ubisoft has lowered the max item level to 229, which means players with weaker gear won’t need to grind out the best item sets to feel viable in The Division’s greatest challenges.

Source: The Division Zone
Before the update, people playing with the minimum required gear level for endgame missions could technically make a dent in enemy health bars, but compared to a min-maxed build with the best item set in the game, they would do exponentially less damage. The Division Zone breaks it all down in an excellent, graph-heavy blog post. Point is, extreme cases of bullet-sponginess are no longer a thing and the gap between difficulty levels is no longer a canyon, but a crack in the sidewalk.

Tier 1: enemy lvl 30, gear score rewards 163
Tier 2: enemy lvl 31, gear score rewards 182
Tier 3: enemy lvl 32, gear score rewards 204
Tier 4: enemy lvl 33, gear score rewards 229

Best of all, the changes make the overworld meaningful again. Before, overworld zones were stuck at their respective level caps, but world tiers make basic mobs a challenge again. Missions also reset with the higher difficulty in mind, but now you can ignore them completely and still progress if that’s your jam. And you can switch world tiers on a whim. Play on a higher world tier for more challenge and better loot or just breeze through a lower level tier for fun. Convenient.

Source: The Division Zone
By closing the distance between the viability of min-max and casual players, The Division also feels like a shooter again. Great loot will still buff characters in gratifying ways—a higher DPS, more perks, quicker skill cooldowns—but the time it takes to kill an enemy, no matter what difficulty, is much quicker across the board. Tell your ammo the good news.

Loot to the party 

World Tiers make me feel like I’m working towards a larger goal—the big leagues—rather than individual difficulties on individual missions. Reaching a new tier is it’s own accolade. Problem is, you’re playing the same missions and wandering the same places, just at a higher difficulty. Expansions widen the pool of repeated encounters to ease the monotony, but The Division’s world remains a drab, empty, unchanging setting for a loot-based game.
[Loot] doesn’t quite explode from enemies and there’s no Treasure Goblin realm, but there’s more of it, and most of it is useful.
Good thing loot drops by the bucketful (see Diablo 3 2.0) to assuage the boredom a bit. OK, so it doesn’t quite explode from enemies and there’s no Treasure Goblin realm, but there’s more of it, and most of it is useful. New weapons and gear dropped generously, even from low-level mobs I ran into wandering the city. Without meaning to, I upgraded all of my gear within an hour of sprinting through icy roads with no real goal in mind. No more throwing myself at the same daily challenges with strangers just for a chance at better loot. Still, I’ve been through this version of Manhattan many times before. There are cars and high-fidelity trash bags and pooping dogs and not much else. Finding a powerful shotgun won’t change that.

Source: The Division Zone
If the basic systems are enough to keep you happily rolling through The Division’s loot cycle, then the changes in 1.4 will probably make your time spent more rewarding and enjoyable minute to minute. It’s a definite course correction for The Division, but because the level design is static and bleak, the smoother slope may not be enough to curb the boredom of some players, including myself. A few hours in and I’m already tired of the same snowy streets and hooded crooks. The Division’s premise is at odds with itself: a cover shooter that leans toward realism wrapped in outlandish RPG trappings. It might be fun, but I wonder if it can grow and experiment with the same freedom a similar game with a wackier sci-fi or fantasy premise might. Even so, I’m curious to see it through.

How to Get the Outbreak Prime in Destiny Rise of Iron ( The Exotic Weapon in the Monitor Puzzle Chest)

Destiny: Rise of Iron had its first raid completed just a few days ago and now some players have managed to solve the Monitor puzzles featured in the Raid. In case you haven’t played Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine raid, there is a certain puzzle involving monitors that required the users to solve an ARG in order to complete it. 

The first person to complete this puzzle is Datto, who streamed the whole process on Twitter. There is a thread on reddit that goes in detail on how to solve this puzzle. It turns out that we did need to solve the ARG in order to progress further in the puzzle, you can check out instructions on how to solve this Monitor puzzle below.

1. Get into the raid .

2. Activate all prior monitors. Use this thread for info on getting the other monitors. 

3. In the Diamond Room 4 people need to stand on these 4 canisters. 

Stepping order in this step doesn’t matter. 

4. In the Server Room (With the Vandals and Shanks) 2 people need to stand on the two platforms on the left and right sides by the 2 monitors (Left and Right side determined as you enter the room). Once everyone is in place the 2 people in the server room will see an ‘activate monitor’ prompt. 

5. The 4 people in the Diamond need to get back on the Bridge and off the canisters. 

6. To start the sequence: 
  • Only 1 person needs to press ‘activate monitor’. 
  • Each monitor will then flash to a number. 
  • This can be 0000 like the starting sequence or a different number. 
  • Note: Row and Columns start at 0 meaning the ‘first’ one 
  • Left monitor is the column 
  • Right monitor is the row 
  • Convert these numbers to decimal with this site. 
  • The first person in section 00 then steps on his canister. After he steps on the canister will light up from below. A new number will show on the screen for both people. Convert these numbers. The person in section 01 needs to step on their canister. Keep doing this for all 4 people. Once complete the Diamond will open. 
7. Complete the raid and beat Aksis. 

8. Go to the hidden chest room on the back side of the map. A platform will open to get to it. Activate the last monitor and open the chest. Get the quest. 

9. Complete Quest Step 1 

10. Complete Quest Step 2 

11. Tuning The Engine 

  • Each persons numbers (starting, ending, middle) will be different. 
  • You will have to do some math here and swapping to get the numbers to add up. 
  • Once you solve your puzzle, then set the correct pattern (Top, Middle, Bottom) for each column from each other person in your fireteam in order to add their tuning to yours. 
12. Complete Quest Step 3 Align the Energy Inputs

13. Align the Energy Inputs

Note: These may be different for everybody
  • The Key: 1 is top, 4 is bottom
  • Warlock is 13334
  • Titan is 42123
  • Hunter is 24414
14. Complete the raid one more time to get a part from each of the 3 bosses

15. One more Alignment. (Details coming when available)
  • If you complete this step please note here what your final number had to add to.
16. Collect the weapon from Shiro.

Credits: All images credited to Datto and the video to DPJ

Pokémon GO's Spawning Nests Have Been Totally Randomized Worldwide

Fans were a little confused when the latest Pokémon GO spawn nest migration didn’t arrive “on schedule,” but now a change has been made, and it’s like nothing the game has ever seen before.

Previously, when Niantic changed around spawning nests in Pokémon GO, there was a set list of Pokémon that would change to a different set list of Pokémon. For example, when I started Pokémon GO, I had a Dratini nest by my house, and after the first update, it changed to an Eevee nest, as did all other Dratini nests worldwide. Then after the next update, those Eevee nests, mine included, all changed to Kabuto nests, and so on.

This time, however, things are different. Rather than being able to go to a list and check which Pokémon is now spawning instead of an older one, Niantic has totally randomized the spawn system. While rarity hasn’t changed, you don’t really have a way of predicting what nests have changed into, other than going out and looking for yourself.

Reports are coming in from around the world that there really is no other correlation other than relative rarity. What used to be a Charmander nest now spawns Abras, Digletts, Ponytas, Squirtles or others, depending on where you are. An Electabuzz nest can now spawn Nidoran, Onix, Pinsir, Polywag, Cubone, etc.

While “staples” of your area will always stay the same, Pidgeys, Rattatas, Zubats, Spearows and in my case, Drowzees, the “rare” Pokémon above that base tier are now totally randomized with these new spawns. They can still be cataloged and people can use third-party sites to update what nest is spawning where, but it’s harder to keep track of, given all these individual reports coming in. It used to be that you could just say, “All Eevee nests are now Kabuto nests,” and that would be true in 95% of cases, but that’s out the window now.

As for why Niantic chose to do this, I’m not precisely sure. I’m not sure it’s necessarily good or bad for players. It was nice to look online and immediately know what my “rare” nest had changed into, but this new update will make me walk around more and discover what’s now spawning here. There’s really no definite way to discover what’s around me otherwise, and I suppose exploration is the point of the game. I would expect this to be how things work going forward, and in the end, it might increase diversity in terms of what you’re capturing better than the old system.

I’ve also heard reports that new spawn nests are popping up after this update, ones that didn’t exist at all before. It’s hard to confirm this, but if true, it might be the case that Niantic is trying to expand coverage to under-served areas that weren’t getting enough Pokémon nearby. As the game grows, hopefully more spawn points can make things better for rural players.

I’m off to go look around and see what’s spawned now, and so far I’m seeing Jigglypuffs, Squirtles and Machops that certainly weren’t there before.

This Strategy is Wrecking Havoc in Overwatch's Competitive Plays

The meta of a competitive game is a curious thing. As balance and tactics evolve, so do the prescribed best practices for coming out on top no matter what your foes (and the greatest foe of all, life) throw at you. That’s natural. It keeps the game interesting. When one strategy becomes too dominant, however, you’ve got a problem.

Is Overwatch’s “triple tank”—aka “triple tank-triple support” or “double triple”—strategy unfairly devastating? For now, that’s the big debate among Overwatch’s more strategically minded players, especially those in the pro scene. Regardless, pros and players alike level two main criticisms against it: 1) it doesn’t take a ton of skill to pull off, and 2) it’s boring to watch. If you’re trying to brew up a tasty eSports stew, those are the last ingredients you want on your list.

Remember when everyone was complaining about Genji? This is what they’re complaining about now.

As it currently exists, the triple tank strategy revolves around a few central pillars. Team composition is made up of three tanks and three supports. One of the tanks is usually Reinhardt, and one of the supports pretty much must be Ana. As you’d expect, having three supports provides plenty of cushion for tanks’ pushin’, allowing the big boys and girls to be more liberal with their offense. Once Ana’s ult charges—which doesn’t take much time given that she has three giant, easy-to-hit targets for her healing shots—she uses it on Reinhardt, transforming him into a roaring engine of pure destruction.

Often credited to pro team NiP, the strategy has become especially prevalent in pro matches and the mid-to-upper echelons of Overwatch’s competitive mode. It’s reliant on the fact that tanks are hella survivable, anti-tank characters aren’t doing so hot these days (see: Zenyatta’s nerf, Pharah’s lack of viability against D.Va’s revamped defense matrix, Zarya just as, you know, a concept, etc), and Ana’s ult is a fantastic stalemate breaker.

As I said earlier, the arguments against the strategy generally congeal into something along the lines of, “It’s boring and takes no skill.” For example, here’s Team Dignitas player Artur “art1er” Bischof saying basically that exact thing in an interview:

“We call the triple-tank Meta cancer Meta. Until now that was Genji Winston, but not anymore. The Meta doesn’t really make much sense in our eyes. The tank just goes to the front, takes damage and Ana heals until she has her Ultimate and can Nano-Boost. To me that kind of play has nothing to do with skill. After that it’s just a couple of swings with the Hammer and you get mauled by Reinhardt. It’s really just an abuse of the mechanic.”
Bischof argued that Ana needs to be nerfed, and something needs to be done to non-tank DPS heroes. It’s not that they’re weak, he said, but they hit a (sort of literal) wall against three tanks.

Of course, nerfing Ana and buffing DPS heroes might just slam the see-saw in the other direction—especially in regard to anyone playing Ana basically ever—so that might not be the most elegant solution. Plus, DPS heroes have a history of being annoyingly powerful. McCree and Genji immediately spring to mind.

Many players have also pointed out that triple tank violates Overwatch’s holy trinity of twos: two tanks/two offense/two healers. It’s not, in other words, a “standard” team composition. Why put multiple roles into the game, after all, if players are only gonna use two of them to fill out a full six-person team?

Others, however, consider that a plus. For the first time, a non-standard, more creative composition is the de facto Overwatch strat. It might not be the most exciting strategy to watch, but it shows that the game’s roles have versatility, that the meta can evolve in unexpected directions. In some ways, that bodes well for the game’s pro scene, which is still trying to find its legs.

As a result, some argue that calls for nerfs, buffs, and the many other moves of the razor’s edge balance tango are premature. Competitive season two hasn’t been running for long, they say, and the pro scene is still in its infancy. The mark of a good competitive game is a meta that evolves organically, not because a developer decided to cudgel it into a different shape.

Case in point: here’s an instance of the triple tank strat failing, as pointed out by fandingo:

Tempo Storm started strong, but Kongdoo managed to find repeated success. Predictably, pressure on Ana seems to be key. It’s not easy to dislodge her from a sardine tin of tanks, but it is possible.

Hidden Puzzle Which Leads to Secret Chest Found in New Raid of Destiny: Rise of Iron

With every new Destiny raid comes all sorts of potential new secrets, and Wrath of the Machine, which launched last week alongside Rise of the Iron, follows the trend. Over the past few days, the raid has inspired countless Reddit threads about what might be hidden in the depths of the Cosmodrome. One thing that definitely isn’t there: a coherent story. But there might be a cool chest.

In the hours after Wrath of the Machine went live on Friday, raiders quickly discovered hidden chests inside the tunnels and walls. They also discovered what appears to be a new puzzle: A seemingly unreachable chest, trapped behind five laser beams in the final section of the raid. As it turns out, each of these laser beams is tied to a monitor located somewhere in Wrath of the Machine. Activate each monitor and you’ll remove a laser. Activate all five and presumably you can reach the chest, which could contain anything from more SIVA shards to a hidden exotic weapon quest.

Players have already found four of these monitors. But the fifth is far more elusive. Destiny’s intrepid raid hunters are doing their best to figure out how to get to it. Some say they’ve been able to spot it through the cracks of the big diamond that houses one of the raid’s final areas, the maze-like Server Farm, which looks like this:

Over on Reddit’s raidsecrets forum, players are trying to find patterns in the server farm. Maybe they’ll reach the fifth monitor if they do something with the proper canisters or solve the mysterious light-panel puzzle. There are theories that the fifth monitor may be tied to the strange disease that floated around Destiny in the days leading up to Rise of Iron’s launch.

What’s inside this elusive chest? Will we find the hidden fourth exotic weapon quest in there? Is it actually accessible or will we have to wait for Hard Mode? We’ll find out... well, probably pretty soon!

Update: Players already found all the monitors. Take a look at the videos below.

1st Monitor Front left clean room at Voksis

2nd Monitor In the 2nd Jumping Puzzle

3rd Monitor

4th Monitor

Final Monitor Here's where you de-activate the grid.

All the Strike Specific Loot in Destiny: Rise of Iron


Destiny: Rise of Iron is now live, and that means it’s time for Guardians to dive into the new Plaguelands area and take on a new enemy. The new expansion pack brings several additional missions, a new strike, and revamped two of the older strikes with updated SIVA-infused enemies. This means there is finally new strike specific loot to gather. This article will list out all the new strike specific loot, as well as which strike it’s associated with, so you know exactly where to spend your Skeleton Keys.

All the New Strike Specific Loot

Once you have a Skeleton Key, though, you can head into any strike, complete it, and access the chest at the end to unlock some really cool strike specific rewards. Before we get started though, let’s cover a few things you should know about the new way that strike specific loot is handled.

  • There are reports of Artifacts dropping from the chests you open with Skeleton Keys.
  • Some users have reported multiple drops per Skeleton Key use.
  • It is believed that strike bosses no longer drop strike specific loot. It must be obtained from chest using the Skeleton Keys.
  • Loot from chest is believed to be higher than your current overall Light Level.
Now that we have those things out the way, let’s dive into the actual new loot you can get from the new and revamped strikes in Destiny: Rise of Iron. First up we’ll be covering Sepiks Perfected, a revamped version of The Devil’s Lair, the very first strike that players can participate in from Destiny year 1. There are two items available to pick up in this strike. Devil’s Dawn, a brand new Legendary Sniper rifle, and Sepiks Deposed Bond, an all-new Legendary Class Item for Warlock Guardians.

Next up is the Wretched Eye Strike. This is the all new strike introduced in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It tasks players with defeating a Devil Splicer High Priest, while also avoiding attacks from a SIVA-infused Orge. There are three items available in this strike. Anathema Cannon Mark, is a Titan Class Item. The Devil’s Dawn Legendary Sniper Rifle can also be obtained through this strike. There have also been reports of a new Legendary Hunter helmet, the Hood of Malok.

The final strike to receive new goodies is SIVA Phogoth. This is a Year 1 strike that has been revamped to showcase the changes that SIVA can make to creatures when it infects them. There are only two known items up for grabs from this strike. First up in the Mongrel Ogre Grasp’s Hunter gauntlets. Secondly, players can also obtain the new Legendary Sniper Rifle, Devil’s Dawn, from the revamped Phogoth strike.

These are all the known strike specific items at this time. Whether more will be discovered or not, remains to be seen. We’ll continue covering Destiny: Rise of Iron as the days go by. So be sure to check back often for new walkthroughs, guides, tips, and tricks. Destiny: Rise of Iron is only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game systems.

Source: Destiny Reddit, Unknown Player

Overwatch's Symmetra to be Buffed in November

That’s according to game director Jeff Kaplan, who told Business Insider that Symmetra is one of the least-played characters as her specific abilities make her very situational.

“A character being that situational is not really desirable to us, so even though I can kind of justify why it happens, that doesn’t mean that I believe that it’s right. So Symmetra is a hero who’s on our list right now to take a good look at and really investigate,” he said.

Although he wouldn’t be drawn on specific changes the team are looking to make to Symmetra, he did indicate that any buffs would be significant.

“She is a hero we’d like to make some changes to. I think those changes wouldn’t see the light of day until November, though, because we want to do a bunch of internal testing,” said Kaplan.

“It’s one thing when we do something [minor] — like, we have a change to Junkrat on the [Public Test Realm] where his Ultimate activates faster, but it’s a very incremental, safe change — whereas the type of changes we think need to happen to Symmetra require a lot more internal testing and discussion.”

Pokemon GO Battle Changes in 0.39 Update: A Detailed Analysis

Pokemon GO Battle Changes in 0.39 Update: A Detailed Analysis
The major change, of course, is that one move (attack or dodge) is now buffered. Here are some of the critical (objective) impacts of that change, with each point followed by some objective and subjective analysis:

(POINT #1) Actions can be performed at maximum efficiency (with no "dead time") by buffering.

By buffering a move, the "dead time" between the end of one action (attack or dodge) and the start of the next action is now eliminated because the next action will take place immediately after the previous action has completed. Before the 0.39 update, it was necessary to wait until the end of the current action before the game would register your next input. (Unless you had absolutely perfect timing, this caused a slight delay between moves.) Now, you can input your next action anytime during the ongoing attack or dodge. Note that this is not a change to the actual speed of the action but simply an elimination of the unused/free/dead time between actions.

Analysis of impact on play:


-Although slight, you could say that damage may be applied and battles won a little bit more quickly due to the elimination of the downtime. For example, the turnaround time between dodging a charge move and hitting back with a charge move of your own can be reduced by buffering your charge attack immediately after initiating a dodge--unless, of course, you were "frame perfect" before!


-It may feel like the game "eats" fewer commands because the window to perform an action (which used to open only after the completion of an attack or dodge) is now open earlier. In addition, the window to perform an action at maximum efficiency, which used to be only the split second after the end of an attack, has now been extended much longer to cover the full duration of the previous attack.

-Quick moves may now feel even faster because they can be be unleashed one after another with no delay as long as you buffer them before the end of the current move.

-It may also feel easier to hit charge moves: before, you had to time the charge carefully so that it would not overlap with a previous move, whereas now it is "easier" to hit the charge move since it can be buffered in advance. With dead time between moves eliminated, you may also feel like multi-bar charge moves are more useful as well because less time will be wasted.

-The maximum theoretical DPS of a move may now feel easier to achieve, although it is still subject to the use of dodges, "overkill" from charge moves, waiting to see if a charge move is incoming, and similar issues.

(POINT #2) Buffered actions cannot be undone.

Once you input an attack or dodge, it will automatically be performed after the current action is completed.

Analysis of impact on play:


-Button mashing is now severely punished, as it is now impossible to dodge if you have an attack buffered. Although you can aim for maximum efficiency with buffering, even one extra tap will make you unable to dodge an incoming attack! To this end, if your play style was to tap/attack aggressively and only stop when you see a charge attack coming up (thanks, u/vibrunazo!), this style becomes less viable now that the game will use those extra taps to lock you into an attack much earlier than before.


-This inability to take back buffered actions may make it feel harder to dodge in general because you can no longer react if you have already buffered another attack in advance. For some play styles, this could make it feel riskier to train with a pokemon that requires perfect dodging in order to win.

-The game may feel more sensitive to stray taps, as they will cause actions to be buffered when they would previously be ignored (during an attack or dodge). It would be fair to say that it is easier to attack one too many times and miss an important dodge, particularly if you are used to button mashing, because the longer window to input moves is also a longer window to accidentally input moves.

-On the other hand, some may feel that the game is actually easier to play at maximum efficiency because it is less dependent on fast reflexes and more on counting attacks between dodges, with a longer window to initiate each action. The bubblestrat, for example, may be performed more reliably now that it is less subject to precise timing of attacks and does not require dodging. Similar play styles that incorporate no dodging at all may feel easier to execute as well.

(POINT #3) Only one action may be buffered.

The next move following a buffered move will only be registered after that buffered move has started, so multiple moves may not be buffered in advance.

Analysis of impact of play:


-This affects the overall rhythm of the game by fundamentally changing when it is necessary to input an action. Where the previous ideal time was "as quickly as possible after the last action finished (but not before it ends)", the new ideal time is "anytime after the start of the current action (but not before it begins)."


-You could argue that more overall awareness (and especially discipline) is necessary during battle because while you will likely make fewer inputs, the timing of each one is more important than before. Instead of mashing 10 times to hope that one of your taps registers right after the end of a move, you have to make sure you attack just once (and not twice) if you think you may need to dodge an upcoming charge move, for example.

-In contrast to point #1, although the window to hit a move at maximum efficiency is actually longer (with the full space of the current action now available instead of the small space right after an action finishes), the limit on buffering may actually make it feel like the game eats more moves depending on your play style. This is because the change from the old system is so significant that you may fall into a rhythm of not only inputting attacks when you don't want to but also failing to input attacks (and especially dodges) when you do want to.

(POINT #4) Summary and other issues

(Subjective commentary)

Generally speaking, I think you could argue that the new battle system gives more opportunity for maximum efficiency (making some battles "faster" or "easier" for some play styles) but is extremely unforgiving of extra inputs (making other battles, and especially critical dodges, "harder" in some cases as well). Overall, I'm quite excited about the changes, but I can certainly understand some frustration as well!

Finally, since I haven't been able to research beyond this on my own, I'm curious about any other impacts of the new system. For example, I imagine that the buffer system makes players less subject to missing dodges due to input lag on older phones or weaker signals, but I'd love to hear about your experiences in the field. Let's see if there are any other issues out there as well!

  • Buffered actions can carry over into the next battle in a gym as well. If you're using the bubblestrat and don't want to be destroyed by the next pokemon in line, do be careful to count your attacks! 
  • If you queue up a charge attack and your pokemon faints before it goes off, your next attacker will use a charge move right out of the gate!
  • The "nerf" to constant attacking and stopping only when you need to dodge a charge attack! Indeed, this particular style becomes more difficult (perhaps no longer viable in some cases?) now that the game will take your extra inputs to queue up extra quick attacks.
  • Dealing with the new system: "You only need to tap once near the end of your attack animations, and when you know a charge is coming, lay off for half a second to dodge it."

Wrath of the Machine Detailed Guide in Destiny: Rise of Iron

About Siva Cache Keys: They can be used on the chest that spawns after the second boss, after the death zamboni, and after the final boss. the other chests don't use them. they basically give you another roll on loot, though it isn't a guarantee (i got 10 motes). You get 2 by completing the quest from Shiro.

First Boss


Titan: Run defender with weapons of light and bastion/illuminated and max armor/recovery, as always. Sunbreakers can also be useful if there are a surplus of titans, or if you’re having trouble killing adds.

Hunter: Nightstalker is your go-to with blackhole, light of ther pack, and invis, with max armor and recovery. Bladedancers can also be useful for killing adds if necessary. And gunslingers with celestial nighthawk can be used if you’re having trouble with DPS (and have other nightstalkers)

Warlocks: Stormcaller is recommended for ad duty with chaining, transcendence, and electrostatic mind/perpetual charge, max armor and recovery. Sunsingers are also useful if you’re having trouble staying alive

Note: Runners can increase their agility to make running easier, if they have no problem staying alive
Weapons: Besides the boss, it’s a fairly close range fight. I would recommend a scout or hand cannon, although any primary is viable really. You should pick a sniper for your secondary, preferably one with triple tap or bonus damage to fallen. Shotguns can be an option for taking down the shank, although it isn’t recommended. Raze lighter/swords work great as a heavy, although it isn’t necessary for everyone to have them. Sleeper and gally are also good options. LMG’s work alright, but are not recommended.

Explanation of the fight:

Summary: The first fight involves 3 players running through charges to gain a voltage, slamming that voltage on terminals, killing a “light eater”-type shank, chucking nades at the boss to lower his heath, doing DPS, then repeating. Edit - This is also possible with 1 runner charging the same or any terminal, and everyone else on add control. You don't need to hit every terminal, you can charge it with just one, but voltage eaters can take charge from any of them.

Strategy: Split up into 3 teams of 2. One on left, one middle, one right. You should designate 1 player to be the runner who will run through the charges and slam the relic. The other player should be on add duty and try to keep the adds off the runner.

Runner: The runner can help with adds if they start to pile up, however they should mainly focus on gaining their charges. It is exactly like the patrol mission for gathering data where you have to run through the pillars of light, except the pillars will be white, and instead of a decreasing charge, you will have a time limit. The time limit is 15 seconds, and if you don’t gain another charge by that time you will die. The pillars will spawn on each side, and the middle ones will spawn towards the boss and on the stage. If you’re having trouble finding a pillar, jump as high as you can to get a good view of the area. When in doubt, head to the stage and pick up some voltage there. They spawn fairly rapidly, so there shouldn’t be any shortage of them. Once you have gained 4 charges, head back to the terminal and hold X [XB1] or square [PS4] to slam it. This will increase the voltage on the terminal and will bring you closer to the grenade spawn phase. After slamming, keep an eye out for a giant yellow bar shank heading towards your terminal, they will eat the voltage and make the phase longer if they get to the terminal. When they spawn you want to try to kill them immediately.

I’m not certain there is a time window that you all need to slam in (like I've heard elsewhere), you probably just have to reach max voltage on each terminal. Either way, running and slamming as quick as possible without any coordination has worked for me.

Ad Duty - Ad duty is fairly simple, just kill everything. I like to keep a high vantage point while on ad duty so I can have a clear shot on adds on both levels of the area. It’s not absolutely necessary to kill everything, but you should kill enough adds so that the runner isn’t getting lit up. Your main job will be to keep an eye out for the voltage eater shank. When it spawns, call it out to your runner, and unload your heavy on it. Raze lighter works great here.

Grenade Phase: Once the max voltage has been reached on the terminals, you will see a message pop up saying “Foundry spinners producing SIVA charges", hear a sound, and see icons pop up on your screen. Stop everything you’re doing and head towards the icons on your side. There are 6 total, 2 on each side, so everyone should be able to pick one up. Hold x or square to grab them, then chuck them at the boss with RB/R1. You can throw them pretty far, so there is no need to run on the stage. Keep chucking these charges till his shield drops. Once it drops there will still be leftover nades pick them up and chuck them at him for some good damage, then start DPSing. It’s a good idea to coordinate tethers and weapons bubbles on this for max DPS, however it isn’t totally necessary to all group up in one spot. It might allow for more DPS by staying on your respective sides and saving time from running to a group up spot. Use snipers and heavy for DPS and aim at his head if you can. After a while, his shield will recharge, then the fight is just rinse and repeat until you finish.

  • The boss teleports, so watch where you’re standing, because he will kill you if he teleports on you.
  • Generally, you don’t have to worry about the boss much when collecting voltage, you can safely jump right past him if needed.
  • There is a meter on the terminals, that will tell you how much charge it has (and how much time you have left with nades I believe)
  • Remember to equip max light before getting any chests/loot for the entire raid
First Jumping Puzzle

Make sure you max your agility. Right inside the giant husk at the top of the pipe, there is a chest.

There is also another chest, and a SIVA cluster in this puzzle. In one of the first areas in the puzzle, there will be a platform with two yellow lights on it and to the left will be another odd looking platform. Stay on the platform with the lights and jump up the wall to the left to where this guy starts in this video for the first chest.

Also, check out the video below that shows how to get there from the area where you drop down:

Move on from that area and you will come to a rectangular platform with 4 suspenders with a door to the left hand side that leads to the vent you have to break at the end. Jump on the platform for the door, but instead of going left through the hall to the end of the puzzle, head straight onto a ledge on the side. Run all the way to the back wall, and follow this video below. Instead of jumping across, there is a beam opposite the wall that you can walk across. I don’t believe there is a monitor in this puzzle, or at least I can’t find any info on it. If someone has found one, let me know and I’ll update the post. But that’s it for the puzzle.

Second Boss Fight


The loadouts should be the same as the first fight, but snipers are necessary. Raze Lighter isn’t as preferred, but can still be useful for killing yellowbar captains. I would go with Ghorn or sleeper for DPS personally.


Split up into teams of two on right, middle and left again. Before starting, take note of the four small rooms in the corners of the boss area, these will be important later. Kill adds, and designate one person each side to throw granades at the boss to take his shield down. You need to hit a total of 9 nades to do a DPS phase, where 3 nades spawn per phase. We always coordinated so that we threw all 3 nades at him at the same time, the rumor is that this does more damage. Again, you can chuck them from far away to avoid damage from adds.

After you hit him with nades, everyone needs to keep an eye on the monitors behind the boss. One of them will light up in one of the four corners of the monitor setup, and you need to shoot it. Primary works fine for this, however one person can take it out with a few sniper shots if you prefer to have a designated monitor watcher. Once it is down, rinse and repeat.

After the second nade phase, there will be a yellow bar captain on each side, which you can use heavy/snipers/supers to take out. If you mess up and miss a nade, you can still continue onto a fourth round.

If you mess up and miss a monitor, you will see a SIVA symbol pop up on your screen, and a message saying “SIVA density critical” on the bottom left. This means you have to book it to one of the small rooms in the four corners of the room. The ones that you can go to will light up orange/yellow (it will spawn 2 doors randomly). You all have to go to the same room, because you can only use each room once (or so I’ve heard). When you get to the room, you only have a few seconds to shoot the little circle on the door panel on the inside of the room next to the door, or the boss will kill you. If a few people seem like they’re going to be late, that’s ok. Just shut the door and pop the Finger Wag emote. You can res them later. (PS, don’t do the relic throwing method for the doors, it’s unnecessary).

Switching gears back to DPSing the boss after 9 nades have hit. Everyone should group up middle, titans coordinate bubbles and hunters coordinate tethers, and unload on him. If you see a nade spawn during the phase, go ahead and chuck it at him for some extra damage. Once the DPS phase is finished, and the boss regains his shield, book it to the room and close the door. It’s rinse and repeat from there, however when he gets to around half health, shanks will spawn instead of dregs and vandals, so watch the exploders. A yellow bar captain will still spawn however.

Second Jumping puzzle:

This puzzle is full of loot, so keep your eyes peeled. But first, before we leave the boss room, there is a monitor in a room on the lefthand side with a fan on the ceiling. Jump on the fan and up into the pipe to find a monitor. Here is a video of it.

There is a siva cluster towards the beginning that you can find here.

Near that is the first chest, and here is where to find it.

Also in that room is another monitor, that you can see here. Go to the room with the chest, and go to the opposite side to jump off and back into the jumping puzzle.

The next chest is right before the end, right after that part where you have to jump around a slight bump in the wall like VoG. Look up and you will see long beams spanning the length of the tunnel, the chest is on one of them. You can see where to go here. As far as I know, that’s it for this area.

Death Zamboni


Some slight changes. Defenders should switch to blessings (or keep weapons for the first phase, then switch for the second). Stormcaller is preferred if you can stay alive, but self res is very handy if you can’t. Edit: Voidwalkers are also viable with scatters/hunger/embrace. You will want one or two people with raze lighter, and everyone else preferably with gally (though variants are acceptable of course). Snipes are necessary for the first phase, but shottys can be useful for the second, so if you’re not shooting the Zamboni on the first phase, rock a shotty, preferably void.

Phase 1:

When you first get on the bridge, turn around and look at the Zamboni. In the middle of it will be its “head” with two turrets on the left and right side of it. You will need to snipe those off, and after they’re off you will need to snipe the middle of his head when it lights up, so it’s good to know where they are.

Make your way to the end of the bridge and kill adds along the way, make sure to save your heavy, and watch out for holes. Once you get to the end, the fight will start. Adds will spawn on the bridge,and the Zamboni will start moving towards you.

You should preferably have at least 2 people on ad duty. Hunters use your tethers to slow them down, and stormcallers should vacuum the adds up if they can. The other 4 people should be sniping the turrets immediately after the fight starts, two to each turret, until they’re destroyed. People on ad duty should try to hit a few sniper shots if there is a lull in adds as well. Once the turrets are down, a screen will light up in the center. The four snipers should then focus on that until it blows up. The Zamboni will not stop moving, so run to the left side and jump on it. Do not go underneath it or you will die. As long as one person survives and can make it on top of the Zamboni, you’ve won this phase, since you can jump off the back to res your team after it moves past them.

Note: If you make it on top and have low health, don’t get close to the front of the zamboni, as it will damage you when it breaks through the wall.

When on the zabmoni, take a second to look at the three lit up sections on the ground floor. If looking where the Zamboni is moving, they are in the front left, mid left, and back right. They each correspond to specific relic parts which need to be inserted in those locations in phase two, but I will get to that in a second.

Phase 2:

Before starting this phase, it might be a good idea to designate teams for carrying parts. When you’re carrying a part, you will move slow and can only carry it for 10 seconds before you drop it and can’t carry it again for another 5 seconds or so. Assigning teams ensures that people know when to carry their parts, but it isn’t necessary. It is necessary to deviate who will pick up the weapon parts first though, to avoid confusion. Just make sure you call out when you drop your part. Be aware that the timer for the encounter starts when the zamboni stops

Climb back up to the top and wait for the drop ship to spawn at the back. Snipe/primary the turrets off the ship, then jump off the Zamboni and run to where the ship was. There should be a few dregs and a captain. Try to kill the dregs first, as the captain will spawn the parts when it’s killed. Raze lighter takes him out pretty quick.

Once he is dead he will drop the parts, I believe they are called Warhead, Drive Shaft, and Engine Block (?), but just call them drive, engine, and warhead. 3 people should pick up the parts and head down the ramp to the left if you’re facing the Zamboni. Another person should be waiting on that ramp when they pick up the parts because the slow motion mines will spawn along the path you have to walk. This person should run along the path and quickly take out the first few mines so they don’t become a problem, then run back to pick up a part. A titan should also move down the ramp and place a blessings bubble in the far left corner. Try not to group up too much, because you can bump people off the ledge.

Note: If you jump right when you're about to drop it, it will throw it a bit farther.

After the first carry is done, the other 3 people should pick up the parts and bring them to the bubble. Try to kill as many adds as possible. But you should stay in the blessings bubble till the drop ship above you stops releasing shock nades. Kill adds and carry the parts towards the other side of the trench.

The person on mine duty should run ahead to clear mines again. There is one in the middle of the trench, one by the boxes at the other end, another just past the boxes, two up on the bridge to the top left, one at the top of the ramp, one to the right of that, and one right next to the Zamboni. If you clear these right after the dropship leaves, you shouldn’t have to deal with adds while trying to clear them.
Continue along the path and remember not to group up. When you get to the area with the ramp, pull out your heavies and unload. There will be a ton of adds. If you have another titan, run up the ramp and place a blessings bubble at the top before the drop ship comes, and a hunter should tether adds.

Bring the weapon parts towards the right-mid side of the Zamboni, but don’t get too close, and just drop them. One or two people (with raze lighter or gally) need to hop on the Zamboni (preferably a bit early) to kill the vandals on the ground floor, then run to the top and kill the yellow bar captain. Once the captain is dead, a ramp will appear in the mid-right of the Zamboni.

Pick up the parts and bring them up the ramp. They need to go in specific positions, so pay attention to which one you have. The drive goes close right directly after the ramp, the warhead goes mid right in the hallway, and the engine goes back left. you will need more than one person to carry for this part, so make sure the 3 that don’t have a relic are splitting up and following the others. Hold x or square to insert the part. Your screen will go white if you’re running out of time, but you’ll still have a few seconds to insert it. And that’s it for this fight.

Jump/Maze Phase

After you kill the Zamboni, you can find a monitor here on top of the wall.

Continue on and jump off the wall onto the little island below. Pace your jumps out, because it’s a long fall. Once at the bottom, there will be a chest, and also a SIVA cluster here.

Continue to the mouth of the cave where you can find another chest in the pipe above the entrance here.

Continue through the maze until you get to the dark room with the invisible sword nights. Kill all of them, then head back to the start for the final siva cluster here. I’m sure there is a monitor or two in there somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. If you have any info let me know. Otherwise, that’s it. Head on to the boss, and enjoy the sights, it’s a very cool looking place.

Final Boss Fight


Scouts/handcannons – snipers – Gally/Sleeper/Raze Lighter. Weapons defenders, nightstalkers, and sunsingers are highly recommended. Raze Lighter is the best option for the first phase, since there is no DPS, but gally and sleeper are recommended for the 2nd unless you’re having trouble killing scorch captains.

Phase 1:

So this is the fight that is giving people the most trouble by far, especially phase 2. It isn’t hard enemy-wise, but it is very tricky mechanic wise. I’ll try to explain it as thoroughly as I can.

Split up into teams of two again (left, middle right). Designate one person on each team as a nade thrower or scorch cannon runner, and stick with those rules throughout the fight. Preferably, you should have a hunter on left and right if possible in case a tether is needed to kill captains.

Start the fight by walking up to the glowing red thing on the floor, and get to your sides. There are 2 doors in the middle, and 3 doors on the sides that shanks will come out of. Kill these adds and try to stay behind cover. It will make things a lot easier if you can kill the adds before the captains spawn. But eventually, a scorch captain will spawn in the close right (right side), close left (left side), and bottom left (middle). Kill the captains with your heavy, and they will drop a scorch cannon that has a specific burn on it (it will correlate to the color of the captains shield that you killed).

What you need to do is match up the burn on the scorch cannon with the shield color of one of 3 servitors that will spawn. The servitors spawn right after killing the captain, and come out of the same door, so you’ll want to pick up the cannon, take a peak in the door to see the servitor’s shield color, and call it out to your team. The servitor with the same burn as your cannon never spawns on your side, so if you have the scorch cannon, start moving mid or to the other side and wait for your teammates to call out servitor shields and locations. Once called out, go to that location and stick the servitor with the scorch by holding down right trigger for about 3-4 seconds.

Once the servitor dies, it will drop a nade which cannot be picked up if you used a scorch cannon, so this is where the other 3 come in. While your teammate has the scorch and is running all over the place to get the servitor stay on your side, kill adds/captains in necessary, and keep an eye on the servitor. You will be picking up the nade for the servitor that spawned on your side. Always. (Sidenote: a lot of groups like to do the buddy system, where the nade thrower follows the scorch cannon runner. But imo this just adds unnecessary complication to the fight). Once the nade drops, pick it up and look for red triangular panels around the large base of the boss. Chuck your nade at the panel that pops up at the base of the boss. There is no need to time these throws, just do it whenever possible. If a teammate goes down, you can throw their nade as well (except if you picked up a scorch cannon).

Once the monitors go down, head down to the middle. There will be a ton of shanks spawning above the boss to the right and to the left, which will drop to the middle. Save your scorch cannons for this. You can shoot directly in the center and hold the trigger till they group up for a large explosion that will take out all the shanks in the vicinity. Hunters can tether, but weapons isn’t too necessary, you’re better off popping them to try to kill captains. Once the shanks are dead, head back to your spot and rinse and repeat.

There are a total of 3 rounds. The first round has 2 monitors that need blown up, the second has 3, and the third has 5 (iirc) (I'm being told it's 7, also being told it's 5. if anyone has picture/video proof, that'd be nice). The first and second round are normal, however the third is a bit tricky. After you kill the servitors on the third round, more servitors will keep spawning. So your team needs to keep calling servitor spawns, the scorch runner needs to keep killing them, and the nade thrower needs to keep finding monitors to throw them at. Make sure you’re not unnecessarily wasting your scorch ammo on this part. Also, be aware of the two monitors on the left and right wall that you need to nade (not on the boss’s base, but separate). If you finish this part, you’ve beaten the first phase and will get loot and a checkpoint.

Pro Tip: One scorch right trigger charge will kill a scorch captain. You only need to hold it down for about 3-4 seconds for max damage. So you should use that to help your teammates if they’re struggling with their captain

Phase 2

This phase uses the exact mechanic as phase one (only the first and second rounds) with a few differences. First, take a second to look at the pillars that are lit up in the back. These function exactly like the yellow rooms in the 2nd boss fight, and will keep you safe when the boss tries to kill you. But they also can only be used once each, so coordinate which pillars you’ll be going to between DPS phases.

Next, you’ll notice that the boss has transformed into a spider, and he can teleport. During the phase where you’re killing adds before the captains spawn, the boss will teleport from middle to one side after a 15-20 seconds, then will teleport to the other side. Make sure you’re not too far towards the far end of the stage, because the boss will kill you if he teleports on you. When he teleports to your side, there is a big pillar on each side you can use as cover. He shoots scorch rockets and also these AoE SIVA things that stay on the ground for 10 seconds or so and will kill you quick if you stand on them, so be careful not to get caught in those.

Keep killing shanks till he teleports back mid and captains spawn. Right around the time the captains spawn, three people will randomly receive a buff called “Empowered”. It will give you better handling and agiity, but it is also crucial for killing the boss. I’ll explain that in a sec. But it is a good idea to call out what side / how many have empowered, so people can know that one empowered person will be needed on one of the locations that doesn't have an empowered.

Note: There is an confirmed mechanic called "Guardians are Supercharged" with the red vents on the floor. And empowered person can trigger it (by standing in it I believe) to give the rest of the team supers, possibly at the cost of losing one empowered.

Kill the captains (remember to help your team with your scorch cannons if they're having trouble), kill the servitors, get the nades, and throw them directly at the boss. 3 nades will take his shield down and he will teleport either to the spots on left and right that he had teleported to before, down low in the middle where the captain/servitor spawn, or all the way in the back mid where you first spawn in/drop down. It is VERY important to work out who is empowered and what side they're on as the servitors are being killed. You NEED one empowered person per side. The empowered people on right and left should be relatively close to the bosses spawn point when nades are being thrown (the boss can’t hurt you during this phase). The one in the middle should stay between the center, and back mid spawn and be ready for both (you should stand where the glowing red thing appeared, that was used to start the previous boss phase). You can tell where the boss will teleport because the boss will leave a red trail in the direction he is teleporting to.

Once he teleports, his back will be open. An empowered person needs to jump on it and hold x or square to slam the boss, which will open his crit for DPS. You need to do this 3 times in a row. The first time, his crit will be open for a very short amount of time, the second is a bit longer, and the third is where you get the majority of your DPS in.

The empowered positioning is arguably the most crucial part of the fight. You need to have it communicated before the last bomb is thrown, and whoever calls a side first gets dibs. You also need to communicate and reposition for ever damage phase besides the third. the empowered buff will transfer to a random person after every time you slam him.

This is very important: keep your scorch cannons. A charge with it does 60K+ on the boss, 70K+ with tether and WoL, and the first and second DPS phases are relatively short anyways, you can save your heavy for the third DPS phase if you use a scorch. You can also damage the boss before the empowered slams, and after the crit spot closes. An empowered slam only opens his crit. Never stop doing damage unless you’re running to slam him (even if you don't have a scorch).

Titans should work out bubbles. You want to preferably be in the same place and have everyone get weapons, but that just won’t happen. It’s ok to pop a bubble on the side if needed. I typically would pop one during first DPS, and one right after 2nd DPS, but it’s different with every group.

Unload all of your heavy/ special into the boss, then when his shield goes up, everyone needs to run to the same back pillar to be safe. If you don’t make it, it’s not a big deal since you can be res’d. DO NOT jump on another pillar to save yourself. While on the pillar, pop a heavy synth, you’ll be able to pop one every other round, so let the heavy ammo accumulate while you have full heavy. The raid gloves and ruin wings are amazing for this fight.

From there, it’s rinse and repeat until he gets down below about 10% health. When that happens, he will teleport up on the stage where he originally was, and you need to DPS him, just like Oryx. Except you need MUCH more DPS for this part. Use weapons of light, tethers, heavy, whatever you got. He has a lot of health that you have to take down in a short amount of time.

If you’re not able to do it in 4 rounds, he will become enraged. I think this just means that his back closes up quicker and he shoots more AoE. It’s not a hard enrage to beat as long as the empowered people are on point.

When you finally kill him, there will be look and a cache key chest at the bottom.


Whenever we find all the monitors, you can get the monitor chest by going to the back rail on the left side by the spawn point and looking down off the ledge. You’ll see another ledge that leads to a hallway with lasers that will deactivate if you find all the monitors

That’s it! If I missed anything, or you have any tips or tricks, please let me know so I can add it in. I hope this guide helps some people complete the raid this weeked. It’s a fun, awesome looking raid. And I would definitely recommend trying it, even if you’re underleveled.