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This 3v3 Mei Wall Glitch in Overwatch is Completely Broken!

Just about any competitive game has glitches that people occasionally take advantage of - some of them are more game breaking than others. 

Take this one in Overwatch. For this glitch, your team has to have a Mei. Using Ice Wall at just the right point on the map, you're able to get your entire team above the spawn points (on both sides of the map), effectively making you invisible.

From the second spawn point, it's also possible to get into the office behind the glass window on the map - while you can't get out unless you kill yourself, it's not necessary because if the other team wants to do more than draw they have to come to you. Even then, it's almost impossible to do damage to a player behind the glass wall, and the players executing the glitch are able to shoot out without an issue. 

You can only do this with certain characters in Overwatch- most tanks (except Zarya) are not able to do this glitch because their hitbox is too big. Most small characters with the exception of Torbjorn are able to do it. 

Blizzard has not yet commented publicly on the glitch, but surely it will be patched out soon - and while we certainly don't condone the usage of glitches and exploits, nothing's keeping you from checking out the video to see how it works.