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The Monster Hunter-Like Game Released In Japan For PlayStation 3, 4 & Vita, Western Release Coming 2017

"Toukiden 2" released in Japan for the PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita consoles. Now, it all ends to the expectation that Koei Tecmo will disclose the information about the localization for the West.

The game will take a new breather that will reveal newer characters that will fight the "Oni," a Japanese term which literally translates to demon. In addition, with the players standing as one of the main character in the game that takes quests to defeat certain types of Oni, another story will be revealed with this sequel from the previous Toukiden series.

The monsters and demons from the previous games

Of course, "Toukiden 2" will bring back monsters and demons from the previous game and series. Since the mentioned game is a sequel, it will contain newer weapons and demons to defeat, each with scaling difficulty, power, and health. The good about this game is the multiplayer feature, which was never forgotten and left out by the series, which grants players to connect with other players nearby and kill the boss demon efficiently compared to solo quests. With skilled players, new ones will be helped due to this feature.

Enhanced graphics, areas, bigger monsters, and more

The areas in "Toukiden 2" is much more refined compared from the previous ones in the PlayStation Portable version. Now, the areas are detailed including each and every elements in the game.

Moreover, the demons are much bigger, which makes it a challenge for players to slay and get its parts. With a new special attack, battling these types of demons will be a great experience. Most importantly, the source of boosts, magic, and help come from "Mitama," which are souls of deities, fallen warriors, and legends that aid the aids the players in various quests and story battles. With new characters, returning characters from previous series, and play styles, "Toukiden 2" will be the hack-and-slash game of the year. The game is said to be released in Spring 2017 and details surrounding the localization will be revealed soon.