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The 60-Seconds Egg Hatching Trick in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Another trick has been discovered by players while playing 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'. This time, anyone can hatch their eggs in as fast as 60 seconds. This trick is not a glitch or a hack so players shouldn't worry about anything when doing the trick.

Hatching an egg in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' doesn't really require anyone to do anything but to move. Its actually an easy task but time consuming. So for players who just can't wait to hatch their eggs, this tutorial will guide you through the process one by one.

Getting Started

To effectively hatch eggs in just 1 minute, players need to have three items in the game. This includes a Tauros that you can ride on, a Pokemon with the ability to do Flame Body and you must be in Paniola Town's Pokemon Nursery.

How to Hatch Eggs in 60 Seconds?

Now to get started, players must have their egg given by the nursery and have the Pokemon with Flame Body with you in your party. The Flame move gives the Pokemon the skill to take down half of cycle numbers required to hatch the egg. This makes the process of hatching eggs much faster.
Next, players must ride their Tauros and run as much as they can until the egg hatches. Taurus' speed, and the help of Flame Body, doubles the speed of the hatching process. So after 60 seconds of continuous running, the egg should have already hatched. There is no limit in doing this trick so players can repeat the same process every time they have a new egg to hatch.

Although the trick is not a glitch, GameFreak can modify or update the game at any time to "fix" this trick. But until then, 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' players must take advantage of the time and hatch as many eggs as they can.