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Some Basic Info About All Champions/Characters in Battlerite

General Hints

Practise your aim. Don't miss stuff.
Don't run off from the centre. You need that orb.
Don't lose sight of your allies.
Don't eat things that you can dodge. Stay out of range until you're ready to go in.

Any Melee Champion
Stay out of range or behind corners to avoid poking. Use the orb as a wall (and then steal it).
Don't waste cooldowns if not needed. Walk to your target if possible.
Use your outs to avoid big damage and stay on your target.
Jump to your target when his most powerful outs are on cooldown.
Don't dodge heals.

Any Ranged Champion
Keep your outs for when you need them. Don't use them more than one at a time.
Poke and keep moving, you don't always need to use the big guns and they make you vulnerable.
Escape toward your allies when you have to.
Don't escape out of your healer's line of sight no matter what.
Keep sight of the orb and be ready to steal it (especially with strong ranged attacks).

Any Support Champion
Don't miss your heals; wait a moment to be sure they won't be dodged if needed.
Don't use your outs offensively even if they're strong.
When out of heal charges poke your enemies and the orb.
Keep your CC for when it can't miss.
Don't CC targets that are being attacked by your allies (many CCs break with damage).
Chain powerful stuff on your CCs but let them run out to have more time for cooldown recovery.

Melee Champions

Bulky hero with many ways to stick to the opponent and protecting allies.
Right click every 3 left clicks and every time you can't reach your target.
Shield Bash whenever your enemy is between yourself and a wall.
Disrupt and disturb the most dangerous or vulnerable target. Be unbearable.

Independent assassin with many poisons and a lot of mobility.
Get close when you have Camouflage ready, use it to stun and keep damaging.
Keep stacking damage and make any squishy target's life hell.
Jump away when enemy starts to react to you, wait for cooldowns, then come back and repeat the above.

Very high damage output but few defensive options.
Inflict Static, then left click.
Use Thunderclap before Static expires (it deals lots of bonus damage and reapplies Static).
Use Thunderclap after ultimate.

Very aggressive tank with many tools to stick to the enemy and deal lots of damage.
Bait your rush a few times to make the enemy nervous and perhaps waste a counter.
Once on the enemy, wait for them to react and dodge using your right click.
Left click. A lot.
Use Berserk to counter any further reaction, then left click again like crazy.
Rinse and repeat.

Ruh Kaan
High damage melee with self-heals.
Pick double charge spacebar and curse spacebar.
Use Shadowbolt while poking and waiting for other cooldowns.
Drag your target with Claw, don't miss your left-click charge and keep attacking.
Use Consume to recharge left-click when they react.
Use Spacebar to reposition and curse enemies.

Aggressive champion with lots of abilities to avoid damage and stay into the fray.
Get in with Kunju if you can, otherwise use Javelin.
Left click to charge weapon, then right click, rinse, repeat.
Dodge un-Kunjuable stuff with Fleetfoot.
Tendon Swing when multiple enemies are close or when switching targets.
Javelin on walls or orb to reach collectibles/allies when in danger.

Offensive healer with strong crowd control and abilities to aid his allies with dealing damage.
Attack with allies when left click is ready, go away and recover when they start to react.
Keep non-focussed enemies out of the fight with Lunar Strike.
Sunrise to switch targets or reach your ally. Not as reliable as Celestial Split to escape.

Ranged Champions

Lots of damage and opportunities to combo.
Left click.
Use Fire Storm when safe or having appropriate set-up. Don't if you'd be a sitting duck.
Use Flamestrike to set-up combos or supplement on-going combos by your allies.
Left click some more. Especially on targets ignited with Fire Storm.

Short range shooter with many crowd control abilities.
Left click until someone comes to you.
Escape passing onto them with Jet Pack, then ignite them with right click.
Save yourself/allies in danger or heavily debuffed with ZAP.
Stun enemies channelling ultimates or being annoying using Tazer.
Bonus: set up ally ultimates and combos with Tractor Beam.

Long range attacks and many abilities to escape.
Left click. A lot.
Right click when safe or having appropriate set-up. Don't if you'd be a sitting duck.
Use Stealth, Blast Vault and Junk Shot only for defence, try to get rid of an enemy by only using them one at a time. Then go back to left click.
Ok, you can use Stealth for other clever moves too.
Use Disabling Shot to interrupt ultimates or stop an enemy's momentum/combo.

Very long range single target specialist with some CC.
Left click three times and then at any free moment.
Right click from long range to secure orb and to apply Mark (1st round Battlerite).
"Harvest" Mark with left click.
Chain trap on incapacitated targets and other places where they can't escape it.
Chain Rain of Arrows on trap.
Use spacebar to dodge ranged stuff, Prowl to do the trap combo on melee/close attackers.

Mobile champion with piercing projectiles and abilities to set-up strong combos.
Left click everything. Left click enemies through orb to get both.
X-Strike when enemies are close together or after set-up.
Wind Bomb to set-up.
Use Haste and Wind Strike only defensively, never all at once.
Use Tornado if you or an ally is taking a beating.

Ranged tank with abilities to disrupt the enemy, inflict debuffs and transmute them into positive effects.
Left click everything.
Shatter after left click to snare and make it easy to land another left click and a right click.
Shatter after right click.
Guard yourself or allies when being damaged.
Use Wuju to stick to an enemy and make his life hell.

Support Champions

Supportive champion with strong healing, crowd control and protective abilities.
Heal, heal, heal. Left click when out of charges.
Use Barrier and Clarity Potion to help anyone in danger. Don't waste them, don't use them all at once.
Use Panic Flask if you're being attacked.
Roll out of dangerous AoEs and big shots/ultimates.

Bulky healer with decent offensive abilities and many tools against ranged foes.
Alternate heals and left clicks.
Parry dangerous projectiles with Time Bender, press again to shoot them back.
Quicksand after hitting a couple of left clicks.
Petrify pesky melee attackers on you, or any nearby enemy your team is not focussing.
Use Shifting Sands only defensively.
Use Time Travel to dodge ultimates. Use it on your allies. Be patient, don't waste it.

Supportive champion with many disruptive abilities against enemies and strong heals for allies.
Heal everyone. Left click when waiting cooldowns.
Bubble Barrier between projectile healers (not Sirius) and his allies to disrupt healing.
Bubble Barrier between your team and theirs to easy-dodge dangerous projectiles.
Left click enemy healer after Tidal Wave, or any other enemy if you're being focussed.
Dive only defensively.

Offensive healer with many ways to deal damage and disrupt the enemy.
Left click everything, always.
Ghost Wolf every time you can when opponents are close to each other.
Dodge dangerous stuff and save focussed allies with Other Side.
Use Spirit Rift only defensively if Other Side is on cooldown.
Don't use Spirit Guide and Spirit Rift at the same time, you need at least one to stay safe.