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Level 50 - 200 Dungeon Item/Loot Drops in Tree of Savior

If you're looking for a specific item/loot but you don't know where to go, then this Tree of Savior guide will help you. It will give you all the info you need regarding on where to acquire specific items/loots in level 50-200 dungeons.

Level 50 Dungeon - Underground Chapel Dungeon

No equipments dropped in this dungeon, except only talts which can be found.

Level 90 Dungeon - Ruined Mausoleum Dungeon

Most Valuable item in this dungeon is Arde Dagger

Level 115 Dungeon - Monument of Desire Dungeon

Ledas Shield and Valia recipe can be found in this dungeon

Level 130 Dungeon - Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon

If you're looking for Petamion, Here's the right place.

Level 145 Dungeon - Hollow Thorn Forest Dungeon

Only Seimos family gears can be found here, for more information read in the description.

Level 175 - Thorny Vines Forest Dungeon

Ignition? Elements or Aias recipe? if yes, go for it!

Level 190 Dungeon - Archmage Tower Dungeon

Magas family gears here, also max Petamion and Sissel bracelet recipe

Level 200 Dungeon - Catacombs Underground Dungeon

Most valuable items here, read in the description for items list