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Killing Final Fantasy XV Adamantoise in Just 8 Minutes!

Final Fantasy XV 8 minutes Adamantoise speed run.

I have been farming him for the adamantinite that you can use to make flare/freeze/electron and it gives 10 casts per as opposed to 1 like the Zu beak, so I would have 93 casts after using 9 of them and I have gotten it down to killing him in less than 10 minutes. He also gives over 70k exp so you can level up stupid quickly doing this. I figured I would share how I do this for those of you spending way too much time killing him.

Firstly you need the Zwill Crossblades from the Randolph quest line.

You will also want to equip the Sword of the Father and the Axe of the Conqueror for more strength.
For accessories use whatever gives you the most strength, I only used 2 Dark Matter Bracelets and was hitting 9999's. For the outfit wear the Princes Fatigues (No Jacket) for more strength. With this my strength is sitting at about 960.

For food, use the Marrowshroom Chowder, which gives guaranteed critical hits. If anyone is wondering where to get the Marrowshroom Chowder recipe, it's from Old Gobunant's Boat in Altissia (an option when using the Gondola). It costs 1200gil. It uses Kujata Marrow, Vesproom and Malmashroom.

Kujata Marrow can be purchased from The Market in Lestallum for 2700gil.

Vesproom can be purchased from This Shop in Old Lastallum for 300gil. He also sells Malmashroom for 1000gil.

Malmashroom can be purchased from The Market in Lestallum for 1000gil.

Now you are ready for the fight. The only tech you will need is Enhancement from Ignis which will add a bit more damage to your attacks. Use this as soon as you can.

You will want to start on the front left leg. Attack it with the daggers. Tip: Holding the attack button didn’t work well so just repeatedly push it, and blink striking when the leg moves back. You will build up your Armiger meter super quickly, but don’t use it just yet, you do more damage with the Armiger meter full, I only noticed this during this fight but it is pretty significant. He will go Vulnerable for the first time pretty quickly.

At this point you will want to try to get Ignis to use Enhancement again right away so it lasts the duration of this part. He doesn’t want to seem to use his tech unless he is standing somewhere comfortable or something and it is annoying as all hell. Blink strike over to his neck, use a hi-potion so you are at full health and get the damage bonus from the daggers, and then start attacking the side of his neck.  Attack towards the front of that oval pattern on his neck before where the tusk comes out. You will notice all of the damage is 9000-9999 for each hit and his health basically melts off. If enhancement ends, it will drop down to the 6000s but it is worth recasting as you only have so much time to dps him here.

As soon as the Vulnerability stage is done blink strike back over to his front left leg, pop Armiger, and go to town. He should basically go right back into Vulnerability and then repeat the same thing on his neck. You most likely wont have the Armiger meter filled but it fills super quick and you will notice your damage gradually increase as it fills.

After the Second Vulnerability phase you will not be able to get him to go back into Vulnerability by attacking the left leg, so switch over to the right leg. Armiger that thing and then head back over to the neck. I've killed him in 3 Vulnerability phases a few times but you can get a fourth out of the right leg afterwards.

There you go, you should be able to kill him in under 10 minutes. For a demo, you can watch the video below.