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Illidan's Story Update, Legendary Changes & UH Death Knight Changes

Illidan's Story Update

World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1 added new quests to Illidan's story. Players that have been collecting Lingering Soul Fragments to finish Soul Prism of the Illidari will be awarded item level 870 boots or belt.

The story continues with two new quests.

The Once and Future Lord of Shadows

Completing this quest rewards item level 870 gloves or shoulders.

Blazing Purpose Mantle

Crusader's Inferno Pauldrons

Gloves of the Shadow's Return

Grips of Death's Grasp

Handwraps of Soulwringing

Inferno's March Shoulderpads 

Netherworld's March Amice

The Soulbinder's Gauntlets

The Nighthold

Both quests feature major spoilers related to Illidan's story, so proceed at own caution.

The Once and Future Lord of Shadows

Quest Objective: Defeat Helya in the Trials of Valor raid and then use the Soul Prism of the Illidari to claim Illidan's Soul.

Quest Description: While tracking the master's physical body proved challenging, we were able to locate it in the Nighthold of Suramar. Our intelligence reports that Gul'dan is making final preparations to the Nightwell in order to use its power to usher the soul of Sargeras into Illidan's body.

The only way to stop that from happening is to put Illidan's own immortal soul back.

Take the Soul Prism of the Illidari and venture to Helheim. Defeat Helya and use the prism on Illidan's soul! Return it to Light's Heart.

The Nighthold

Quest Objective: Deliver Light's Heart to Khadgar at the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.

Quest Description: Illidan's soul rests safely within Light's Heart. Take this vessel and deliver it to Khadgar with the following instructions:

When Gul'dan attempts to tear the sky asunder and bring the dark titan into our world, call forth the power of this vessel and release Illidan's soul into his body.

Go now, <name>. We do not have much time. The dark ritual will begin soon.

Unholy Death Knights

A small buff is coming to Unholy Death Knights in a future PTR build. The newest build should also feature a major rework of many Legendary items.

Quick note on a small upcoming change: in the next PTR build, ApocalypseApocalypse will burst up to 6 Festering WoundFestering Wounds (instead of 8). However, the damage of the summoned ghouls will be increased by 33% (which will not be obvious from data), keeping the total the same. This is also a large buff to the damage of Army of the DeadArmy of the Dead. Finally, in a separate change, the damage of the Summon Gargoylesummmoned Gargoyle and Val'kyr (Dark ArbiterDark Arbiter) will be increased. 
However, will Apocalypse continue to burst 4 wounds in pvp? 
Substantial Legendary Changes Coming to PTR

It seems there will be some major changes coming to legendaries in the next PTR build, including nerfs to the more powerful and "always useful ones" as well as buffs to situational ones:
As we mentioned this during the live Q&A last week, we feel the biggest shortcoming of the current Legendary system is that, for some specs, there are some items that are clearly better than others in nearly all situations. As a result, players who have received a different Legendary item feel unlucky, as they didn’t receive the “best” one. 
So, we’re making some fairly substantial changes to Legendary items intended to bring them more in line with each other. Items that give a raw throughput increase (without significant situational restrictions or drawbacks) are having their overall power reduced, and we’re taking another pass at several of the more niche items to make sure that, when they’re usable, they feel powerful. 
Essentially, we feel that if a Legendary is only usable in certain situations, it should feel extremely valuable in those situations. Conversely, if a Legendary is nearly always going to increase your overall performance, that increase should be relatively smaller. Up until this point, we’ve made the mistake of allowing several items to be both extremely impactful AND always useful, which has made other Legendaries feel “bad” by comparison. It’s also caused some specs to feel as though they need a particular Legendary in order to compete. Those are the issues we’d like to solve. 
We’re actively working on these changes right now and expect to have them ready for the next PTR build. We’ll be doing additional class tuning where necessary as a followup, once these changes are in place. 
Instead we are faced with the daunting possibility that we may simply never get a useful legendary. That is not fun, its repeatedly disappointing. 
We agree. The problem is that some Legendaries don't feel useful. That's the issue we're looking to solve here.

I really hope you guys learn from the system and the next iteration of legendaries is purely defensive/utility and no outright dps legendary affixes. They would be much more fair/balanced if they were that way. 
There's definitely a lot we've learned here. Ion even said pretty much exactly this in the last Q&A - if we did it all over again, we'd probably only make "Utility" Legendaries.

With some, as The Instructor's Fourth LessonThe Instructor's Fourth Lesson for Unholy DKs, it is MANDATORY. This legendary is -required- for us to perform even remotely on par with other DPS classes.
Right. As I said, that's another problem we're trying to fix. If a spec is only competitive with a specific Legendary, then we need to bring up their numbers. To do that, we need to also nerf that Legendary.

Just use a legendary token system. Problem solved.
Disagree. "Just let me pick the best Legendary" doesn't solve this particular problem; there shouldn't be one or two Legendaries that are far and away the best one in all situations. With the way these items are in 7.1, if we add such a system, everyone will just pick the best 2 for their spec and the rest will still suck. We'd rather that none of them sucked. 
And just to be clear: something like what you (and others) are describing here is not off the table. Ion even mentioned at BlizzCon that we may end up doing something along those lines in a later patch. It just doesn't solve this problem.

Another problem not mentioned here is being spec-locked because of legendaries. I have X on my spec, so can't freely switch without feeling behind. AP already contributes to this problem but at least can be caught up -- legendaries, with soft caps and what not, just make it impossible to switch.

Yeah, we definitely share your concern here. We don't have a solution yet (and aren't likely to for 7.1.5), but it's something we're talking about.