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How to Unlock "Extra Abilities" through solo MP in Mobius Final Fantasy

This guide will help you abuse multiplayer to rapidly unlock those pesky "extra skills" on your ability cards.

Extra Skills explained

Extra Skills are the passive effects on an card's casted ability. They do things like increase the healing done or refund an orb. To be slightly visible, the card must have a high enough star rating. To be mid-visible, the card's ability level must be high enough. To be completely visible (and active) the ability must be used many times.

That last step is what this guide is about: using an ability many many times.

The Setup

You're going to fight a 1* multiplayer boss using three AI-controlled positions.You're going to set up two multiplayer decks (maybe three). There are many subtle changes you can make, but here are a few of my top picks for configurations:

1. You use a support deck with the ability card(s) you want to unlock and at least one heal or barrier. You set the AI to control three breaker decks that have ability cards they can't actually cast (this bumps up their level so they survive, but can't do meaningful damage to the boss).

2. You use a damage deck (again with the ability card(s) you want to unlock. You have the AI use a supporter with only healing-type abilities (cure, song of life, barrier) and two breakers with ability cards they can't actually cast.

3. You use a damage deck and set the AI to three breakers.

The AIs

The AI breaker will go last every turn. And it will queue three attacks every turn (until it can ultimate).

So with that knowledge, you are free to drive away orbs you don't need and should have a steady supply of orbs for the ability you want to spam. The support AI will try to go first, drive away every element, and cast (surprise) support abilities.

Your Role

Spam dat spell! Drive away orbs you don't need, let the orbs you do need flood in, and cast the ability you're working on over and over and over and over. If it's a support ability, you'll want to also take something to damage the boss. You do have to win eventually.

A few details

Don't bother with attacking ever. Your first turn, queue up a cast and one or two drives. You'll want to go *second* on the first turn, so hit the "i'll go last" sticker and then lock your actions after the first AI locks.

If your AI team is sturdy enough, don't damage during the break. You can get a LOT more turns (thus a lot more casts) if you take a little break while the boss is broken. Just pass, then go back to chipping away at its health.


There's many little changes you can make, so find what works best for you! Share your own thoughts and experiences below.