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How to Max Level & EXP of Players Super Fast in Ark: Survival Evolved

Where to find all the configuration files

First you go to whatever hardrive Steam is installed to and go to 
steamapps → common → ARK → ShooterGame → Saved → Config → WindowsNoEditor → Game.ini

The code line

The very first line "[/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]" just tells the game that there will be instructions for the game.

The second line "LevelExperienceRampOverrides
(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=5," overrides the game's original level, experience, and engrams code.

If you would like to follow along, here is a blank code line. (Make sure to add a space after each line of code you make.) 

(NOTE: You must always start with LevelExperienceRampOverrides
(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=5 in order for this to work.


Editing these codes

You can adjust how much xp you must have to level up and adjust how many engram points you get per level.

Editing the highlighted sections will override the amount of xp per level.

To edit how many engram points you get per level, you edit these highlighted areas to whatever you desire. I just set them to 20-35 just for the purpose of this guide.

Example code

Here's an example of an edited code with edited parts highlighted.

5,993 is the exact amount needed to learn all the engrams in vanilla ARK Survival
Applying code to game

All you have to do is save the Game.ini file and it will automaticly override the levels and engrams for you character.

If you're lazy and don't want to do all this. Here's the download
Max Level Cap (800)[www.mediafire.com]

Again, this is only for the first 5 levels in ARK. You will need a ton more of these code lines to enable your character to level up higher than 94. Here is a program that will help you with that.
ARK: Survival Server Manager[arkservermanager.freeforums.net]

Well I hope this guide helped you better understand ARK's config and I would be pleased if you gave this guide a ★Favorite and 👍Rated it. Make sure to send pictures of you and your overpowered character!

Singleplayer Settings


✔Enable PvP
✔Disable PvP Friendly Fire
✔Pisable PvE Friendly Fire
✔Enable Tribute Downloads
Max Players in Tribe=30
✔PvE "Tribe Warfare ✔Allow Cancelling Tribe Warfare
✔Allow Custom Recipies ✔Effectiveness Multiplier=2x ✔Skill Muliplayer=2x
✖Enable Diseases

HUD and Visuals
✔Allow Crosshair
✔Allow HUD
✔Allow 3rd-Person View
✔Allow Map Player Location
✔Allow Gamma Settings in PvE/PvP
✔Show Floating Damage Text
✔Allow Hit Markers

Player Settings
✔Enable Flyer-Carry
XP Multiplier= 10x
Max XP= 1,368,538
Damage= 3x
Resistance= 5x
Water Drain= 0.25
Food Drain= 0.25
Stamina Drain= 0.25
Health Recovery= 10x
Harvesting Damage= 3x
✔Per-Level Stat Multiplier
Health= 100
Stamina= 100
Torpidity= 600
Oxygen= 100
Food= 20
Water= 20
Temperature= 400
Weight= 200
Damage= 20
Speed= 40
Fortitude= 80
Crafting= 10

Dino Settings
Max XP= 1,000,000
Damage (Wild)= 0.5x
Tamed Damage= 1x
Resistance= 0.5x
Tamed Resistance= 1x
Max Tamed Dinos= 4,000
Food Drain= 0.5x
Stamina Drain= 0.5x
Health Recovery= 10x
Dino Spawns= 1x
Harvesting Damage= 3x
Turret Damage= 1x
✔Allow Raid Dino Feeding (Titanasaur)
Food Drain Multiplier= 0.25x
✔Allow Flyers in Cave
PvE Dino Decay Period= 1x (Changes how long a dino will remain yours)
✔Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Wild) (Everything is the same except the listed)
Torpidity= 0.5x
Damage= 0.25x
✔Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) (Everything is 10x except listed)
Weight= 20x
Speed= 5x
✔Per-Level Stat Multipliers (Tamed) - Add (Same as Above)

Mating Interval= 0.25x (Decreases the time between mating)
Egg Hatch Speed= 5x
Baby Mature Speed= 5x
Baby Food Comsumption Speed= 0.5x

Cuddle Interval= 10x
Cuddle Grace Period= 1x
Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed= 0x

Taming Speed=10x
Harvest Amount= 5x
Resources Respawn= 0.5x (Lower values speeds up resource spawning)
Suppress Replenish Radius (Player)= 0.5x
Supress Replenish Radius (Structure)= 0.5x
Harvest Health= 1x
✔Custom Harvest Amount Multipliers (Everything is 2x expect listed)
Black Pearl= 100x
Rino Horn= 5x
Leech Blood= 10x
Narcoberry= 4x
Plant Species X Seed= 10x
Rare Flower= 10
Rare Mushroom= 10
Raw Prime Fish Meat= 4x
Raw Prime Meat= 4x
Sap= 1x

Day Cycle= 1x
Day Time= 1x
Night Time= 5x
Global Spoiling Time= 1x
Global Item Decomp Time= 1x
GlobalCorpse Decomp Time= 1x
Crop Decay Speed= 1x
Crop Growth Speed= 1x
Lay Egg Interval= 0.05x
Poop Interval= 1x

Generic (Over Time XP)= 3x
Crafting= 2x
Harvesting= 2x
Killing= 5x
Special Events= 10x

Structure Resistance= 10x
Structure Damage= 5x
Structure Damage Repair Cooldown= 0 seconds
PvP Zone Structure Damage= 6x
Max Structures Visible= 1,300 items
Per-Plateform Structures Multiplier= 1x
Max Platform Saddle Structures= 50 items
✔Override Structure Platform Prevention (Allows auto-turrets to be buildable/workable on platform saddles)
✔Force All Structure Locking (Locks all containers by default)

You may learn any engram without the need to learn the previous engram.
For example, to learn Gunpowder, you needed to learn Sparkpowder. Now you can learn Gunpowder without learning Sparkpowder.