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How to Get the Year 3 Icebreaker in Destiny: Rise of Iron

One of the most iconic weapons in Destiny is coming back in Rise of Iron with the launching of the Dawning, a free holiday event which is set to arrive on the 13th of December. Today, we're going to show you the exact method to get Icebreaker including the achievement needed to unlock the weapon. Here's a quick tour to the Dawning event.

Everyone participating in the Dawning event will have the chance of getting the Icebreaker through the accumulative bounties given the Commander Zavala. In order to unlock Icebreaker, players will have to complete Zavala's bounties in order to get a chance of unlocking the weapon. Take note that there's no guarantee in unlocking the weapon but according to Arekkz Gaming, if you play your strats and do complete all of the bounties that the Icebreaker will "come in your way."

The Icebreaker is an exotic Sniper weapon which was very popular in the original version of the game. One of the perks of this weapon is the No Backpack which means that the weapon regenerates ammo overtime (Cannot be reloaded). This gives the user a huge advantage during PvE due to the fact that you'll never run out of bullets and special ammo because you'll be guaranteed to always have one. One thing to remember is that, it can't be reloaded and therefore, if you run out of bullets, you have to take cover for the time being and wait for the ammos to regenerate over-time.

Other perks are listed down below:
  • Accurized Ballistics - 5% Damage, +10 Range, -10 Stability
  • Field Choke - 5% Damage, +12 Range, -15 Stability
  • Linear Compensator - 5% Damage, +5 Range, -10 Stability
  • Mulligan - 5% chance to regain a round into the magazine per shot
  • Quickdraw - +15 Reload, +15 Handling
  • Snapshot - 30% Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Lightweight - +3 Agility
  • Icebreaker - victims spontaneously combust, dealing damage to others nearby
Icebreaker Ornaments

There are two ornaments for Icebreaker: Dunemaker and Nanohance.
  • Dunemaker - Offers sleek camou design that which suits perfectly well for snipers.
  • Nanohance - Looks amazingly cool for tuning into the main theme of the weapon.
In the video below, Arekkz talks through how to get your paws on this beloved beast when the Destiny: Rise of Iron holiday update launches on December 13. He also shows off some footage of it in play.