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How this Guy Beat Final Fantasy XV's Pitioss Dungeon in Just 6 Minutes

While most of Final Fantasy XV might not be particularly challenging because of overleveling and AP farming, the endgame can give players a tough time no matter if they are level 50 or level 99. In particular, the secret dungeon, Pitioss Ruins, is its own unique challenge, because it features no enemies and is completely puzzle and platforming based. Mileage may vary, but on average, the Pitioss Ruins should take players a few hours to complete, or at least it used to until one trick appeared.

Given how trivial a lot of the content in Final Fantasy 15 can be in terms of difficulty, some might be surprised that a dungeon can be so difficult. But what makes Pitioss Ruins difficult isn’t the enemies or even the puzzles; it’s the lack of control.

Because Final Fantasy 15 is an RPG first and foremost, the jumping mechanics are not particularly refined, and the camera isn’t much better. In essence, the secret dungeon is difficult because players are trying to make their way through a dungeon that requires precise jumps and movements, in a game that is not built for precise jumps and movements.

Thankfully, one Final Fantasy 15 player has discovered a few tricks that will turn the dungeon from a 4-hour excursion to a 6-minute one. Check out the video below:

At first, the player, Twitch streamer Flobberworm4, makes his way through the dungeon as anyone would, activating switches and making a few perfectly timed jumps. He also uses the dagger attack animation to help get a little further, basically skipping a few small section of the dungeon early on.

Eventually, though, the Final Fantasy 15 dungeon run picks up once Flobberworm4 starts skipping whole sections of the dungeon altogether. Because the dungeon is so cramped, the respawn placement of one area can be triggered in another, and the player can exploit certain areas by purposefully dying and then respawning in a new area.

He also uses a pretty nifty technique that uses the infinite sprint ability as a type of boost, and combines that with a jump to skip the entire rotating room section. And before too long, the dungeon is complete, in a small fraction of the time it takes the average player.

While it may be impressive to see someone complete the Final Fantasy 15 dungeon in such a short amount of time, this isn’t really a speed run. This also isn’t an achievement on the same level as reaching the level 99 cap without fixing the car. That being said, there are certainly some tips and tricks in the video that will help other players get through Pitioss Ruins if they are having trouble, and claim the reward at the end.